Let’s Meetup!

22 Sep

Dr. B and I love to us some happy hours, festivals, BBQs, live music, and parties. Our friends are always telling us to let them know when were plan our next adventure, so that they can come along.  After several times of sending out tons of text messages, and making phone calls to try and coordinate everyone, we decided to streamline the process and create a Meetup group.  It’s called the Orlando Social Circle.  We invited all of our friends to join.  Now, when we make plans to go to a happy hour we just post it to our Meetup page and those frineds that joined will get an automatic notification.  In addition they can RSVP, for the event which will let us know who is coming and who isn’t.  It’s only been six days since we created the group and we already 30 members, and over half of them aren’t even our friends we invited.  They are people who searched and found our group and wanted to join!  How cool is that?

I’m excited to be able to expand our social circle and meet new people that are interested in the same things as Dr. B and I.  What’s really cool is that several of the members are married couples *yeah*  It’s always good to spend time with other married couples, and form a community as the Happy Nappy Bride blogged about a few weeks ago.

So, we will see how it goes.  We already have 3 Meetups planned, a happy hour, a food and wine festival, and the Florida Vs. Georgia football game.  Let the Meetups begin!

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