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A House Divided… iPhone 4S VS Samsung Galaxy S II

7 Nov

I’m a the #AppleFanGirl4Life.   Apple can do no wrong in my book.  In the 4 years since I’ve switched from a pc to a Mac, I’ve never gotten a virus, and the only time my laptop has crashed was when I was in Barnes and Nobles, and I accidentally spilled hot green tea on it 😦  I’m the proud owner of the iPhone 4, iPad, and Macbook Air.  They are the air that I breath, and the wind beneath my wings.  So… imagine my horror, when Dr. B (a supposed Apple devotee) decided to switch to the Samsung Galaxy S when it was time to upgrade his phone.  My first thought was, “who is this man I married?…I don’t recognize him anymore.”  Mr. Steve Jobs, I apologize if my husband has offended you, he knows not what he does.

I ordered a white iPhone 4S on Sunday!!!!  I cannot wait to get my hands on this phone.  The first thing I’ll ask Siri is, “is this my husband, or has he been replaced with an Android powered alien?”  Only Siri can help me now.  I feel sorry for Dr. B, he actually likes his big ole phone Samsung.  Oh well,  just wait until he hears me and Siri chatting it up…someone’s gonna be jealous… 🙂

Who has the ‘better’ phone in your house?


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Five iTunes Podcasts For Married Couples

5 Jan
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I recently subscribed to a few marriage podcasts that I though I would share with you.  I have included a link to the podcast on iTunes and to the website (for those who do not have an iTunes account…tsk tsk).

Marriage Talk Building Healthy Relationships:  This podcast is hosted by the Marriage Resource Center.  It focuses on a variety of topics from finances, sex, fighting, and many of marriage-related topics.  There are currently 59 episodes posted on iTunes.

Sexual Intimacy in Marriage:  This podcast currently has 10 episodes available on iTunes.  It is hosted by Dr. Liz Hale and author Laura Brotherson a Certified Family Life Educator. In their podcast  they discuss the delicate subject of sexual intimacy with candor and reverance. Laura has a website, StrenghteningMarriage.com, which lists several different marriage resources.

The Michelle Hughes Show: This is an interactive talk radio show, that airs on WQHV every Sunday at 9:00 P.M.  Michelle is a lifestyles and relationship expert.  She focuses on the issues of life and exploring the soultions to your individual uniqueness as a person as it pertain to your marriage. This show is also listed on BlogTalk Radio, and currently has over 200 episodes on iTunes.

Stay Happily Married:Is a marriage and relationship resource for couples seeking marriage counseling and growth.  There are 140 Episodes on iTuns that range in topic such as: “To the In-Laws House We Go”, and “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting.” The website is StayHappilyMarried.com.

Marriage Uncensored With Dave and Christie: Dr. Dave Currie and Christie Rayburn, along with their guests, deal with the real issues that face marriages today.  Marriage Uncensored has 55 episodes listed on iTunes.  This podcast is affiliated with the Family Life website.

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My Macbook Air

26 Oct

I’m honestly a little “out of control” when it comes to technology, most notably Apple products, as evidenced by my recent purchase of the new Macbook Air that debuted last Thursday.  As soon as I watched the apple live stream announcement, I had to have one.  Nevermind I just purchased a Macbook Pro on June 30th, had I known they were coming out with this gem, I would have waited.  But, it’s all good because on Friday I posted my Macbook Pro on Craigslist, and sold it on Sunday.  Sunday evening Dr. B ordered the Air for me. I just checked the Apple website and my baby is on its way via next day air.  I’ll get her tomorrow by 3pm *doing the new laptop dance*

This notebook is absolutely beautiful! At it’s thickest point it’s only .68 of and it very, very light – weighing only 2.3 pounds!  “*Natasha Williams likes this”* there is so much more to love about this machine, I can go on and on…but I won’t since this is a blog about marriage, and not a tech blog. 🙂 I can’t wait to blog on my new Mac!      

Dr. B’s Blog

27 Jun

Dr. B blogger extraodinaire

I effortlessly shamelessly find ways to gush about my first new hubby, and rightfully so he does of me. For example, take yesterday when we stopped at Publix to buy dinner (Publix deli fried chicken to be exact).  Going through the checkout line my hubby started chatting it up with the male cashier about how his wife, me (standing right next to him) was *blah blah blah* I don’t remember the exact words, but it left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling 🙂  That led to a five-minute conversation with the cashier about our Las Vegas wedding, etc…etc… I just love the way Dr. B is always talking me up.  Me thinks he must love me something super *wink wink*  So, I wasn’t at all surprised when he posted an article on his blog about decision to buy the new iPad and iPhone 4. Yes my name is Natasha and I’m an Apple addict.”  Besides for him putting me on blast about losing 2 iPhones in 6 months, he also linked to my blog in his post.  So right back at you Dr. B!  So go forth and check out my hubby’s blog.  Comment, subscribe and learn dear readers.

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