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Planes, Trains, and RV’s

27 Oct

I’m not a big fan of traveling by car, not one bit. I prefer to travel by plane. I find that flying is quicker, less  hassle, and often less expensive. But, when it comes to traveling to (my alma  mater)University of Florida football games my first choice by far, is an RV. I was so against RV’s when Dr. B initially suggested it. I had visions of retired couples at Yellowstone. Not my type of fun. But,  I’ll try anything once, and I’m so glad I did.

This is the real deal Holdyfield! It's a house on wheels!

Bernard's dream RV, a Class B diesel pusher.

An RV elevates your tailgating style to a whole ‘nother’ level. Most can sleep 4-10 people, so you drinking and driving isn’t an issue.

His and her recliners

The living room is big enough for me to do my Billy Blanks workouts!

Full size bed

RV’s even come with a fully equipped kitchen so you can save money by cooking instead of eating out.

Freezer and refrigerator

Gas stove, oven, and stainless steel sink

Hardwood floors and leather seating are standard in most RV’s

This dining room section converts to a bed!

This sofa converts to a bed!

RV’s have many other great features that makes it a home away from home… just perfect for tailgating!

Now, do you see why it wasn’t a hard sell to convince me?

This is the model we rented. A Class C, 32 Ft.

Were on our way to the FL vs GA football game! Were staying in RV City with the other UF  tailgating faithfuls!  Have a great weekend.


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It’s the Weeeeekeeeeend Baby!

1 Oct
A wreath Kolsch Beer - LA Times of Kölsch.
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For some odd reason this week has been looooong.  I’m so glad it’s over and it’s the first day of October!!! You know what that means – Oktoberfest!  Yep.   I don’t drink beer, well… not since college when I drank whatever I could afford at the time.  But this weekend, in honor of his fine festival I will celebrate with a glass of wine *or two* 0_0

Any big plans for the weekend?

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Biking Bliss: Taking Time Out Together

20 Jul
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It’s strange how sometimes the simplest things mean the most to you.  On Saturday Dr. B and I slept late then lounged in bed until about noon.  Then we went on an hour-long bike ride through our surrounding neighborhoods.  We took a slower pace than usual, which gave us the opportunity to take in our surrounding, enjoy the scenery, and talk.  I had the wonderful time with my husband!   Which…um…seems a little odd because we bike together all the time.   It’s nothing new or special, we’ve been biking since we first met.  But, it was just ‘something’ about this particular ride, that made me feel so much more closer to Dr. B.  Maybe it was the opportunity to talk and share as we rode along?

There are a few lessons learned from Saturday, such as perhaps Dr. B and I aren’t taking the time to have meaningful conversations throughout the week.  And when I mean meaningful I’m speaking in terms of conversations that don;t include work, money, or other people’s problems.   Life comes at you fast, so it’s important to engage in meaningful conversations, and recreational activities as a couple.  I believe it’s especially important for newlyweds to make the most of the early years, as you are setting the foundation for many years to come.  Once that time is gone…it’s gone!

On Bethenny Getting Married (yes, I do watch this show), Bethenny talks to new husband about being nervous about missing out on their “newly wed” years because she already expecting.  Here’s a short clip:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I did a little research on working out together and came across this a great article on ‘Life Mojo’ about working out together.  The author lists the benefits of working out together as a couple.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

“When we exercise the brain releases chemicals which stir up feelings of happiness, thus reducing stress and tension. These chemicals also increase arousal and libido. Studies show that partners who enjoy exercising together report having better sexual relations with each other thus deepening their bond.”

How important is for couple, especially newlyweds, to spend recreation time together?  What about the husbands that spend Saturday morning playing golf, is that justified if the wife doesn’t enjoy golf?  I’m curious to hear your opinions….

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