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Planes, Trains, and RV’s

27 Oct

I’m not a big fan of traveling by car, not one bit. I prefer to travel by plane. I find that flying is quicker, less  hassle, and often less expensive. But, when it comes to traveling to (my alma  mater)University of Florida football games my first choice by far, is an RV. I was so against RV’s when Dr. B initially suggested it. I had visions of retired couples at Yellowstone. Not my type of fun. But,  I’ll try anything once, and I’m so glad I did.

This is the real deal Holdyfield! It's a house on wheels!

Bernard's dream RV, a Class B diesel pusher.

An RV elevates your tailgating style to a whole ‘nother’ level. Most can sleep 4-10 people, so you drinking and driving isn’t an issue.

His and her recliners

The living room is big enough for me to do my Billy Blanks workouts!

Full size bed

RV’s even come with a fully equipped kitchen so you can save money by cooking instead of eating out.

Freezer and refrigerator

Gas stove, oven, and stainless steel sink

Hardwood floors and leather seating are standard in most RV’s

This dining room section converts to a bed!

This sofa converts to a bed!

RV’s have many other great features that makes it a home away from home… just perfect for tailgating!

Now, do you see why it wasn’t a hard sell to convince me?

This is the model we rented. A Class C, 32 Ft.

Were on our way to the FL vs GA football game! Were staying in RV City with the other UF  tailgating faithfuls!  Have a great weekend.


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‘Newlyweds’ in Nassau, The Bahamas

24 Oct

Dr. B trying out a Cuban cigar.

This weekend my husband and I took a short vacation to Nassau, The Bahamas. What a hugely fantastic time we had!  My last trip to  Nassau was in 2006, a day-long stop on a 4-day Caribbean cruise.  I fell in love with this island nation the minute I set foot on its soil.  I grew up at the beach, and so I have a deep love for all things tropical.  One of my uncles told me last Christmas that a family member who is researching our family tree, mentioned that we have descendents from the islands.  I would not be surprised if I in fact my family roots stem from the Bahamas.  Both my husband’s mom and dad are from the Bahamas.  So you see, it was like going home for us.

After we arrived, we stumbled across the 16th annual International Cultural Festival!!  If you’re not familiar with The Bahamas, then you might not know that the island is home to Afro-Bahamians (black), Euro-Bahamians (white) and Indo-Bahamians (Asian/Indian) populations.  The internationally diverse history of The Bahamas, makes for eye-opening and enriching experience. Additionally there is A sprinkling of Cubans, Spanish, Scottish, and Greeks!  The festival exists to strengthened the bond between the Bahamians and its international residents:

The Festival fosters friendly relations and understanding between Bahamians and the international resident community. This high quality organic experience that emerged from members of the community has become an international signature event that serves to demonstrate just how diverse and cosmopolitan The Bahamas has become.

The Festival also provides a global platform for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration to encourage foreign countries to consider staging food and cultural weeks as well as host more trade missions to The Bahamas. Strategically, this makes The Bahamas a far more interesting and sophisticated place to live and visit by broadening and deepening the vacation experience and quality of life that’s available here.

It’s literally one big party! This was by far the best cultural/arts festival I have ever been to!  The atmosphere was great, everyone was having a good time.  We met tons of great people, ate too much great tasting food, and indulged in lots of Kalik (Bahamanian beer).  I am definitely looking forward to going back.

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Fly Gurl

11 Feb

Whenever Dr.B and I fly, he likes to sit in the aisle seats which leaves me in the middle seat 😦 I usually depart the flight with a stiff neck and a headache, after trying to sleep sitting up while sandwiched between two people. On previous flights I tried to roll my pashama into a pillow, but that didn’t help. Some I scoured the luggage store until I found this

(sorry the pic us upside down, I’m blogging from the WordPress iPhone app)

The first leg of our trip to Salt Lake City is three hours long, so I knew I would need something to keep me out of the chiropractor’s office next week 🙂 Hopefully it will help. I’ll keep you posted.

What are your goto travel essentials? Any tips for making it through long flights?

Parc Soleil Staycation

30 Aug

One of he best things about living in Orlando Florida is the abundance of  awesome resorts.

Chillaxin by the pool!

Coupled with beautiful weather, you can have a wonderful vacation without going out of town or spending tons of money.  Dr. B and I took a short staycation this weekend at the Parc Soleil by Hilton Grand Grand Vacations.  We used our Hilton Honors points for a free night, then we upgraded to a penthouse suite!

That's me, in the yellow testing the water

It was a wonderful, wonderful day!  I  felt like we were on our second honeymoon.  The property has 3 swimming pools, 4 jacuzzis, and a water slide and we took advantage of all of them.  We sat at the poolside restaurant all. Day. Long. and we swam, ate, and drank to our hearts content. The best part was spending time with my wonderful husband.  We were in our own world, acting silly, holding hands and smooching 🙂

Sunday Morning we slept in and lounged around on the balcony that had an awesome view of the city.  Then we checked out and had a nice, calorie-loaded breakfast at Perkins.  It felt great to let go, recharge, and spend quality time with my husband.

Were going to try and plan a short staycation every 2 to 3 months.  We think it’s important for couples to get away and spend some quality time doing nothing, but being with each other.

Mi amor!

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