The Pastor Used an iPad

20 Sep

Me and Dr. B waiting for the ceremony to start

Dr. B and I attended a beautiful outdoor wedding this weekend at the Royal Links golf course.  I was admittedly a “little” astounded that someone would have a Wedding in September in Florida at 5:30.  Especially given the fact that Florida is still HOT in September.  But, being a recent bride, and knowing all the criticisms that you have to deal with when planning a wedding, I kept my opinion under wraps.  When we arrived at the venue we were given bottles of water, and large white umbrellas while we waited for the ceremony to start.

The pastor conduting the ceremony with his iPad

Everything was going great, I wasn’t too hot, the ceremony started on time.  But, please someone tell me why did the pastor used an iPad to conduct the ceremony? I have an iPad, I’m an #AppleFanGirl, Steve Jobs can do no wrong, life is better with a iPhone, but I have to draw the line at the pastor conducting a wedding ceremony with a iPad.  Just, No, No, No.  He couldn’t just read off of a notecard?  He had to be a showoff…*you fancy huh* 🙂 The main problem that I had with him using the iPad was that, had the iPad in one hand and the microphone in the other, and he was trying to do a balancing act (not good).  He looked uncomfortable 😦

Am I overreacting, what do you think yes or no to the pastor using an iPad for a wedding ceremony?

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