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My 96 Year-Old Running Inspiration

2 Nov

So… I’m flipping through the November issue of Vogue magazine when I came across the ‘letters from the readers’ section and a picture of two African-American women running catches my attention.  Not because they are running on the beach (which I love to do), but because there is an older woman who looks to be around 70 right in stride with the younger woman.  I read the caption: “Ida Keeling with her daughter Shelly”, which make me even more interested to find out more about her.  So I continue to the reader’s letters, and apparently Mrs. Keeling is 96 years old!!! Yep, 96, AND a world record holder in the 60 meter sprint.

The Vogue Article, Runs in the The Family features Mrs. Keeling who, coached by her 60 year-old-daughter, started running at the great age of 67.  I have always prayed and asked God to give me the strength to continue running until the day that I die.  I have blogged several times before about my love, enjoyment, and need to run.  I cannot imagine how my life would be if I could not run.  Ida Keeling is a true testament to what anyone can do regardless of age, physicality, or obstacles when they truly set their mind to it.

Do you have an Ida Keeling that inspires or motivates you?


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The Black Church and Single Women: A Correlation?

12 Aug

I read an interesting article in CNN today, Does the Black Church Keep Black Women Single? I thought, “here is another article explaining why a majority of black women aren’t married.”  But,after reading the article in it’s entirety, I did see some truth to the claim.  Deborrah Cooper, a dating a relationship columnist, who blogs at Survivingdating.com is the author behind the claim.  Deborrah states that,

Black women have an inordinate amount of faith in both Black men and Black churches.  My position is that such blind and unwavering faith in either is misplaced.  It is my belief that the Black church, structured around traditional gender roles which makes women submissive to and inferior to men, greatly limits females.  Single Black women sitting in church every Sunday are being subtly brainwashed, soothed and placated into waiting without demand for what they want to magically come to them.  Who is doing this to Black women?  The male standing in the front of the church in the role of spiritual leader, that’s who!

From my own personal experience… when I was searching for a church home I encountered some cult-like churches where the people, not just the women, idolized the pastor *I got up and left in the middle of the service*  So, I can see her point…I know a few single black females who hang on Every.Single.Word. that their pastor says 😦  I remember a time when my former pastor gave a sermon on sex, and he spoke about not having see until your married…ummm…yes I know what the bible says .  But, that easier said than done.  Especially coming from someone who has been married for 15 years (you get yours on the regular…)  Times like that I felt that the church was a “little” out of sync with reality (aka. 2010).

But, alas, I’m not hear to preach the word.  I found a very interesting perspective on the “single Black Female” phenomenon that’s the talk of the media, and I wanted to share it. I’m just happy I’m not a statistic anymore.  🙂

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