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Our new Diggs…

25 Aug

has badarse amenities!   This community have an onsite concierge, movie theater, cocktail hour twice a month, and aqua aerobics classes, dry cleaning services, etc…  Even with all that, one of my favorite features is the 7th floor clubhouse.  No, it’s not your ordinary clubhouse.  It’s like a member’s only lounge, minus the bartender and waitresses :-).  The other night Dr. B and I went up to the clubhouse to hang out, having a few drinks and chill.  I took a few pictures…

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Planes, Old Ladies, and Bad Kids

13 Dec

Dr. B and I our in Houston for a few days. He’s out here to see a few customers that aren’t too happy with his company’s software. I came along because he likes me to travel with him, plus I jump at any chance I get to travel.

On the first leg of the trip from Orlando to Atlanta, we sat behind to ladies who were around 50 and 65 years old. Can you believe the entire time they were laughing and cackling like teenage girls? It would not have been such an issue if it weren’t for the fact that it was 5:30 am! Dr. B and I woke up at 3:00 and was out the door my 3:30 so that we would get to the airport by 4:00. Needless to say I was tired and the only thing I wanted to do was sleep, but oh no! These two women, would not shut the hell up! I was so freaking miserable. Luckily the flight was only a little over an hour long.

Once we landed in Atlanta we had a 2 hour layover. We ate breakfast, at which I passed on my usual cup of coffee since I intended to sleep on the plane going to Houston.  Would you believe that two kids sat behind us on the plane going to Houston?  A boy around the age of 7 and a girl around 10, WTH! We were on a small jet and there were only two seats on each side, so their mom sat across from them, and not with them. The entire damn time those kids kept talking, screaming, playing, and kicking the back of our seats. I looked over and the mom was sleeping like a log 😦 Dr. B kept turning around and giving them the evil eye. They would be quiet for a few minutes then start back up again. By this point I’m at my wits end, because I was so darn tired. After the plane landed, the guy next to us said “hey look behind you”, we turned around and those two demon spawn were sleeping!

So, we will be in Houston for a couple of days, I’m going to get out to a few museums, art galleries, and of course the Galleria Mall 🙂

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Parc Soleil Staycation

30 Aug

One of he best things about living in Orlando Florida is the abundance of  awesome resorts.

Chillaxin by the pool!

Coupled with beautiful weather, you can have a wonderful vacation without going out of town or spending tons of money.  Dr. B and I took a short staycation this weekend at the Parc Soleil by Hilton Grand Grand Vacations.  We used our Hilton Honors points for a free night, then we upgraded to a penthouse suite!

That's me, in the yellow testing the water

It was a wonderful, wonderful day!  I  felt like we were on our second honeymoon.  The property has 3 swimming pools, 4 jacuzzis, and a water slide and we took advantage of all of them.  We sat at the poolside restaurant all. Day. Long. and we swam, ate, and drank to our hearts content. The best part was spending time with my wonderful husband.  We were in our own world, acting silly, holding hands and smooching 🙂

Sunday Morning we slept in and lounged around on the balcony that had an awesome view of the city.  Then we checked out and had a nice, calorie-loaded breakfast at Perkins.  It felt great to let go, recharge, and spend quality time with my husband.

Were going to try and plan a short staycation every 2 to 3 months.  We think it’s important for couples to get away and spend some quality time doing nothing, but being with each other.

Mi amor!

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