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‘Newlyweds’ in Nassau, The Bahamas

24 Oct

Dr. B trying out a Cuban cigar.

This weekend my husband and I took a short vacation to Nassau, The Bahamas. What a hugely fantastic time we had!  My last trip to  Nassau was in 2006, a day-long stop on a 4-day Caribbean cruise.  I fell in love with this island nation the minute I set foot on its soil.  I grew up at the beach, and so I have a deep love for all things tropical.  One of my uncles told me last Christmas that a family member who is researching our family tree, mentioned that we have descendents from the islands.  I would not be surprised if I in fact my family roots stem from the Bahamas.  Both my husband’s mom and dad are from the Bahamas.  So you see, it was like going home for us.

After we arrived, we stumbled across the 16th annual International Cultural Festival!!  If you’re not familiar with The Bahamas, then you might not know that the island is home to Afro-Bahamians (black), Euro-Bahamians (white) and Indo-Bahamians (Asian/Indian) populations.  The internationally diverse history of The Bahamas, makes for eye-opening and enriching experience. Additionally there is A sprinkling of Cubans, Spanish, Scottish, and Greeks!  The festival exists to strengthened the bond between the Bahamians and its international residents:

The Festival fosters friendly relations and understanding between Bahamians and the international resident community. This high quality organic experience that emerged from members of the community has become an international signature event that serves to demonstrate just how diverse and cosmopolitan The Bahamas has become.

The Festival also provides a global platform for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration to encourage foreign countries to consider staging food and cultural weeks as well as host more trade missions to The Bahamas. Strategically, this makes The Bahamas a far more interesting and sophisticated place to live and visit by broadening and deepening the vacation experience and quality of life that’s available here.

It’s literally one big party! This was by far the best cultural/arts festival I have ever been to!  The atmosphere was great, everyone was having a good time.  We met tons of great people, ate too much great tasting food, and indulged in lots of Kalik (Bahamanian beer).  I am definitely looking forward to going back.

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Florida Vs. Tennessee

16 Sep

I’m all geared up and ready to go!  Dr. B and I are driving to Gainesville tomorrow morning for the Florida vs. Tennessee football game.  Although this is the 3rd game of the season, This will be the first real test for the Gators against a team in the SEC. This should be a great game, both teams are 2-0, although Florida is ranked 16th in the AP poll.

In addition to the game, the College of Journalism and Communications is having its annual alumni reunion tailgate before the game.  It will be great to hang out with old friends, eat some BBQ, and talk Florida football!!!

Have a great Friday,


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Happy New Year’s Day!!!

1 Jan

Dr. B and I are in Tampa. We came yesterday for New Year’s eve and had a blast! Today we went to the Outback Bowl and watched the Florida gators slug it out with the Penn State Nittnay Lions. The Gators pulled it out in the fourth quarter. Woohoo! Right now we are back to tailgating, having a few drinks and relishing our hard-fought victory. Tomorrow we will head out to Busch Gardens and try not to get sick on the rollercoasters 🙂 With that being said, Happy New Year!

Our Gator Gnome having a drink!

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Dance Off at the Why Not Lounge

17 Nov

I got into all types of foolishness with my sister and Dr. B this past weekend.  The funniest being our night at the Why Not Lounge.  Yes, you read it right, Why. Not. Lounge.  Let the name speak for itself.  It’s a “club” where the average age is 45, and people dance to everything from Rick Ross to Queen.

For whatever reason (it was probably all of the two-for-one drinks we consumed) the three of us decided to venture out to the Why Not for some music, and to have a good laugh (of course).  As always (not that I’m a regular or anything) the Why Not Lounge did not disappoint us.

There was this one guy (let’s call him Dancing Machine) WOW! Did he have some moves, no seriously, he could dance.  I was sooo impressed with his moves that I started recording him with my iPhone.  Then along came (let’s call him Mr. Fancy Feet). He tried to one up Dancing Machine, which, much to our delight lead to a Dance Off at the Why Not Lounge!  Mind you they knew I was recording them, which caused them to show off even more.  It’s amazing what people will do after a little alcohol, and a camera in front of them.

I used iMovie to put together the videos I took of Dancing Machine and Mr. Fancy Feet in all their dancing glory.   I hope you have as much fun watching it as I had making it. Enjoy!

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My sister, A Festival, and Plenty of Wine!

12 Nov

Me and Tresha at the Winter Garden Music Festival

This is going to be a great weekend. My oldest sister is coming to spend the weekend with us.  We’re going to the Orlando Food and Wine Festival with a group of our friends.  Dr. B and I love, love, love for my sis to come with us to these types of events, since she is the ultimate socialite – I mean ultimate.

She can have a one-on-one conversation anyone.  It’s a great gift that I envy, although I consider myself to be a pretty social person.  Unlike her, I cannot walk up to a person and start a conversation about their outfit, or hair, or the weather… but my sister can.  She can find something that she has in common with just about anyone!  When I lived in Jacksonville and we would go shopping, and of course all of the sale clerks knew her on a first-name basis (no lie).  It seems wherever she goes she runs into someone she knows.

My sister is such a fun-loving person to be around.  I’m so fortunate to have such a great relationship with, her and the rest of my siblings. So, I know this is going to be a great weekend.  The weather is going to be beautiful, and I get to hang out with my big sister!

What are you up to this weekend, any festivals going on in your neck of the woods.?

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Wind Down Weekend awaits

5 Nov

This weekend Dr. B and I are laying low aka. doing nothing. Were having having our usual Friday date night. I’m in no mood to go too far, so were going to head up the street to Beef O’ Brady’s. They have 2 for 1 drinks all day everyday, so I’m game.

Tomorrow, we will go for a bike ride in the morning, then come home and do some yard work. After that we’re meeting with our new realtor *yes* I’m so happy to be done with our old realtor. She is lucky we found someone else, because I was on the verge of choking her 🙂

I have been working on an annotated bibliography for my class that is due today. I am not ashamed to say that I just started on it a few hours ago, although I knew It was due today… I just wasn’t in the mood. But now that the fire is lit under my butt, I’ll get it done in time…plus a few rounds of 2 for 1 drinks are in my immediate future.

Back to the grind….
Have a great weekend!

P.S. Don’t forget daylight savings time ends this weekend.

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Whirlwind Week

1 Nov

The past week and a half has been a whirldwind.  I received my new Macbook Air on Tuesday, and since I was without a laptop for two days, I to play catchup on my school work as soon as I received it.  Thursday the 28th was our 5 month anniversary!  🙂 I surprised Dr. B a short video commemorating the day!

In addition, on Thursday, I spent the day packing and getting ready for the Florida Georgia football game. (aka the “World’s Largest Cocktail Party“)  We were on a mission to do so serious tailgating, so that called for packing some serious equipment 🙂  Dr. B is now on a mission to buy a small RV for next year so, as he says, we can “tailgate in style”

*I have created a tailgating monster*

Dr. B cooking ribs and chicken at the tailgate

We both love the football tailgating atmosphere, everyone is having a good time, regardless of what team your rooting for.  I saw some crazy stuff, people are just so out of control.  If you take a big football rivalry and couple that with Halloween, folks tend get “creative” …in all sorts of ways.  But, it’s all in about having a good time.  When it was all said and done…the Gators won! But, it was a very, very, close game. We pulled it out by only a field goal…Go Gators!!

Lastly,  Dr. B brought my mom an iPhone.  While we were in Jacksonville he got her setup and showed her the basics of using the phone.  I can only say..he has created a monster.  Coming from someone who never sent a text message in her life, she got pretty darn good sending texts after a few hours. There is just so much you can do on the iPhone, that it’s almost impossible to show someone how to use it in a few hours.  But, I know my mom, she is going to continue to play around with and master it in no time.  Knowing her she probably start making Youtube videos and blogging 🙂

Today, is a day of rest for me.  No running, no school work, no nothing.  I’m trying to relax and recharge…or our next outing…The Orlando Food and Wine Festival!

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