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‘Newlyweds’ in Nassau, The Bahamas

24 Oct

Dr. B trying out a Cuban cigar.

This weekend my husband and I took a short vacation to Nassau, The Bahamas. What a hugely fantastic time we had!  My last trip to  Nassau was in 2006, a day-long stop on a 4-day Caribbean cruise.  I fell in love with this island nation the minute I set foot on its soil.  I grew up at the beach, and so I have a deep love for all things tropical.  One of my uncles told me last Christmas that a family member who is researching our family tree, mentioned that we have descendents from the islands.  I would not be surprised if I in fact my family roots stem from the Bahamas.  Both my husband’s mom and dad are from the Bahamas.  So you see, it was like going home for us.

After we arrived, we stumbled across the 16th annual International Cultural Festival!!  If you’re not familiar with The Bahamas, then you might not know that the island is home to Afro-Bahamians (black), Euro-Bahamians (white) and Indo-Bahamians (Asian/Indian) populations.  The internationally diverse history of The Bahamas, makes for eye-opening and enriching experience. Additionally there is A sprinkling of Cubans, Spanish, Scottish, and Greeks!  The festival exists to strengthened the bond between the Bahamians and its international residents:

The Festival fosters friendly relations and understanding between Bahamians and the international resident community. This high quality organic experience that emerged from members of the community has become an international signature event that serves to demonstrate just how diverse and cosmopolitan The Bahamas has become.

The Festival also provides a global platform for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration to encourage foreign countries to consider staging food and cultural weeks as well as host more trade missions to The Bahamas. Strategically, this makes The Bahamas a far more interesting and sophisticated place to live and visit by broadening and deepening the vacation experience and quality of life that’s available here.

It’s literally one big party! This was by far the best cultural/arts festival I have ever been to!  The atmosphere was great, everyone was having a good time.  We met tons of great people, ate too much great tasting food, and indulged in lots of Kalik (Bahamanian beer).  I am definitely looking forward to going back.

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We Did it Our Way!

16 Jul

Dr. B with a big drink in his hand!

DIY card box and wishing tree table

Our wedding reception took place two weeks after our *fabulous* Las Vegas wedding(check out our wedding video Dr. B produced)!  Early on in the wedding planning process we decided we wanted our reception to have an informal, party-like atmosphere, with a fun theme.  We decided to go with a Caribbean theme so our guests could feast on the flavors of the Caribbean, and we could hire a steel drum player(I’m a big fan of island music).  To add to the Caribbean vibe we held the reception in our back yeard in a big white tent. In addition we used small pop-up tents for the food, wedding favors, and gift table, and the kids area (which we named Kid’s Caribe Cafe).

Great friends!

It started to rain so we partied harder!

Afterwards, we had so many comments from friends and family alluding to the fact that we probably “saved lots of money”…wow ..if that were only true!  Yes, we had a very small destination wedding in Las Vegas. Yes, the reception was in our back yard, but, no!  It was not “cheaper” by any means.  We hired tons of help: three photographers, invitations, hair dresser, makeup artist, reception coordinator, 2 bartenders, 3 servers, caterer, and steel drum player (who charged more than the cost of the tent), and if you have ever gone to Vegas you know that it’s not a cheap trip by any means.  But, what I can say is we did it our way, and we paid cash for every. single. thing. *pumps fist in the air*  We had the wedding of our dreams and a reception of a life time, and to top it off we were surrounded by friends and family that support, love, and care for us.

Hugs, hugs, and more hugs 🙂

The reception seemed to fly by…I felt like I was floating.  It was such a wonderful feeling to let go, and enjoy the day that we worked so hard to plan.  All I can remember was tons of hugging, great music, fabulous food, and awesome drinks (yep, I in every picture I have a drink in my hand).

Without further ado…here’s are our reception pictures on Flickr…enjoy!

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Reception Hustle and Flow

11 Jun

Reception Hustle and Flow

Dr. B and I were married on 5-28-10 in a small intimate ceremony in Fabulous Las Vegas, NV. It was a beautiful, awesome, chic, magazine worthy, wedding – if I must say so myself( see pictures here, here, and here). Despite all of our wedding’s fabulosity we still want to celebrate or union with family and friends that could not join us in Vegas. So, were having our official wedding reception on June 19th.  The reception will have a Caribbean Island flavor to it, with an authentic steel island drum player and Caribbean food.  Our goal is to going to bring the island flavor to Apopka, FL!

So with only 9 days left, all I can say is, “it’s hard out here for a bride, when your reception is in week and a half!” No for real. I’m running around like a bat out of hell trying to get ready. I mean. Really. I was kinda, sorta ready. I started planning and preparing for a reception for 50 people. But, you know how that ball always rolls, 50 turns into 100 after your parents get their hands on the guest list. So, here we are, Dr. B and I, with a guest list of over 122 people. I’m hoping and praying that only 60-70 show up. No. Really. Any more than that, and this reception will be on a Whole. Nother. Level 🙂

Ok, I’m a liar. I really do hope everyone shows for the reception, we have worked hard as a couple to plan this partay! Yes, please come and eat up our conch fritters, and drink our mojitos –   I want everyone to share this special day with us.  I’m very much looking forward to the reception.   It will be like a family reunion for both Dr. B and I.  Or as my mom said last week, “Wow there are so many people coming we should have reserved a whole floor of rooms at the Holiday Inn” – say what? (looong sigh) gotta love my mom.

I have to ask who has tried to plan a small wedding, but despite your best efforts your guest list ballooned out of control, and what did you do to keep your sanity?  I need as many tips and tricks as I can read!

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