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Florida Gator Football W Magazine Feature!

8 Nov

In the November Issue of W magazine I was surprised to see a fashion editorial that featured the Florida Gator and Florida State Seminole Football team!  How surprising that this in-state rivalry is featured in a national fashion magazine?  The Sunshine State Rivalry between Florida and Florida state comes to ahead on November 26th.  Unfortunately, the editorial never actually directly mentions either team, but each team’s colors, and school spirit shine throughout the 6-page spread.  The caption read:

Fashion and football have more in common than meets the Eye: Strategic rivalries, and of course serious body armor.  Whose colors will you be sporting?

I’ll proudly be wearing my Gator orange and blue.  Well, not exactly the blue Piazza Sempione belted wool and silk jacket and matching orange pants that’s featured in the spread, probably something a tab bit more casual.  But, orange and blue nonetheless 🙂


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Week One Was Pure Luck

20 Sep

but this week was pure genius!!!

Yes folks, our fantasy football team won again…by 41 points! Woo Hoo.

Our top scorer was Vincent Jackson.

He earned us 29 points!

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We Won! Fantasy Football Week One

14 Sep

i don’t know how…. But we did!

We’re team Dark Horse… a fitting name 🙂  Those 127 points puts us in 3rd place in our division.  And look at the line on our team, it was -43 but we won by 14 points.  Ha!

Our top three player for week one were:

1) Cam Newton: Crazy right? as much as I disliked Auburn when Cam played for them I still chose Mr. Newton.  He earned us 35 points!

2) Matt Forte: Like woah! did you see that Chicago vs. Atlanta game? Forte wass brilliant at the running back and receiver position. He had 68 yards on the ground and 90 receiving yards.  He earned us 25 points.

3) Rex Grossman: Yes, Yes!  Go Gators!  Rex was 21 for 34 with 2 TDs and no interceptions.  A pretty solid game for the UF alumni 🙂  He earned us 23 points.

On to week 2… Were up against The Heathens.  Were projected to win 149 to 138.  Hopefully we call pull that off. (pray for us 🙂

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Fantasy Football Prodigy

29 Aug

Apparently, my husband has it in his head that I’m a fantasy football prodigy  0_0.  He joined the fantasy football league at his office, and bragged to everyone that we’re the team to beat.  I don’t know where he got the idea that I’m some type of football savant.  Granted I know alot about college football, but the NFL…not THAT much.  He is so confident in my skills that he volunteered to have the draft at our house. Now, everyone is supposedly gunning for me, as if I’m the person to beat.  No. I’m. Not.  Any of you ladies play fantasy football, do you have some tips to help me out?


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