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5 Steps To Avoid A Holiday Blowup

9 Nov

The holidays are fast approaching.  In 14 days Thanksgiving will be upon us. As most of us experience, especially Newlyweds, the holidays can cause stress and strain on any

A metaphorical visualization of the word Anger.

relationship.  Whether it’s an old family dispute, inviting in-laws into your home, or cooking for a house-full of people holiday stress is sometimes inevitable.  Unfortunately, stress doesn’t come and go unnoticed, with stress comes anger, blow ups, and hurt feelings. Most women are masters of holding back from their loved ones when they are hurt, angry, or irritated.  But, it has been scientifically proven that it can be harder for men to calm down than it is for women.  Which may cause a person to explode at the wrong time, such as sitting around the Thanksgiving table. The key to avoiding this holiday horror is to not let those feelings fester, by telling your loved one how you feel.

Dr. Nancy Zapolski, a psychologist states that the key to telling a loved one you angry is to remember that “The intention is not to get something off your chest or to dump something on the other person,” she says. “The intention is to restore the affinity and the love in the relationship.”

So how does one go about doing that? Back in April I read an article on Wall Street Journal.com, Friendly Fight: A Smarter Way to Say ‘I’m Angry’.  I thought the steps outlined in the article would be the perfect approach to take in order to avoid a holiday blowup.  Here are 5 steps:

1. Calm down. Take a walk, or get some sleep, to get perspective and allow your emotions to cool. Think about exactly what disappointed you. Ask the other person to talk. Say, ‘When is a convenient time?’

2. Acknowledge the difficulty of having this conversation. ‘This is hard for me to say, and it may be hard for you to hear.’ Saying this out loud will make your words less threatening and defuse the other person’s anger and their possibly defensive reaction.

3. Say ‘I,’ not ‘you.’ Don’t say, ‘You did ___ wrong.’ Say, ‘I felt hurt when you did___.’ ‘When you accuse someone, they have to fight back,’When you share what you feel underneath, it gives the other person some room.’

4. Find out why. Ask for the other person’s point of view. Say, ‘I know you probably didn’t mean to hurt me. Why did you do it?’ Really listen to the answer.

5. Say everything. This is your chance to put it all on the table and talk about how you can change the situation in the future. ‘Could you please do this differently next time?’ A hug wouldn’t hurt.

Enhanced by ZemantaWhat do you think, will they work?  How do you express stress or anger?

Damn UPS

24 Dec

Every year I say I’m not going to get stressed about the holidays, I’m going to chill and not get worked up over things that are out of my control. Of course that doesn’t happen and I end up stressing about one thing or another. This year it was package delivery.
I ordered several gifts from Amazon (I seriously LOVE Amazon.com). If I couldn’t shop anywhere else but Amazon for the rest of m life I would be perfectly fine with that. I would even order my groceries from them 🙂 Monday, Amazon like many other online retailers, began slashing the cost of overnight and 2 day shipping. So, I ordered a few extra gifts for my family, assured that I would recieve them by Wednesday, which was ideal because were leaving to go to Jacksonville today. One packed was delayed by a day 😦 I’m not mad at Amazon, they did their part, but I am totally pissed at the Boys in Brown. How are you going to mistakenly leave my package in a facility in Clearwater? Please tell me how does that happen? I religiously tracked that package from Phoenix, to Louisville, the Altamonte, which is 4 miles away from my house. How did the package end up 100 miles south of me? How? It was right in my backyward, and now it’s in a totally different city?

I never have these problems with FedEx – seriously. I love Fedex, they are right on time. I never have issues with them losing packages, and forgetting them in different cities. It just doesnt happen with Fedex. Now, I’ll have a package sitting on my doorstep for 4 days 😦 Uuugh, but what can I do now? Not much since were on the road now. I’m going to just enjoy Christmas with my family, and deal with it when I get back 🙂

Am I the only one with package handling problems? LOL!!

Bring Your Wife to Work Day

24 Nov

After our bike ride this morning, Dr. B asked if I wanted to go to work with him.  At first I

Look at Dr. B smiling in the background!

was like “uh, why?” but, then I figured it would be a great experience to see him in action.  Granted, it is the day before Thanksgiving, so the office will probably look like a ghost town, but I figure I would go anyway.  I’m still working on my paper for class, but the great thing is, the subject of my paper is Dr. B’s company.  The organization delivers software and hardware solutions to the pertroleum giants such as Shell and Exxon (which can be very interesting at times).

Dr. B hard at work!

I have been to his job before, but it was to drop something off, or on the weekend when he had to stop by and pick something up; so being there during work hours will be a different experience for me.  In addition, I know a many of the people that work there, as I usually go with Dr. B to client dinners, and social events.  As we walk around and greet everyone Dr. B  keeps saying,  “it’s bring your wife to work  day!”  He is all excited, it’s too cute (I think he just likes having me around) 🙂 He says we should make this a tradition, every year I go to work with him the day before Thanksgiving.  Sounds cool to me, this should be fun!

What are your plans, the day before Turkey Day?  Are you cooking, working, or shopping…as for me?  I’ll be “working” with my husband!

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Newlywed’s Christmas Shopping for Family and Friends

10 Nov

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There are 45 more days until Christmas and I’m already feeling the pressure of buying Christmas Gifts.  Dr. B and I both come from large families, he has four brothers and I have three sisters and one brother, for a total of 8 siblings that we have to buy presents for.  Not to mention parents, nieces, nephews and cousins. 😦  This is our first Christmas as a married couple, and we want to give everyone something special, without breaking our budget.  Like most newlyweds, were working on building our nest egg, and our emergency savings.

Whatever we decide has to fit into our holiday budget that I setup.  Each week we put money into a savings account solely designated for buying Christmas presents.  I believe this is the only way we will be able to buy “a little something” for everyone on our lists.  And because we are traveling during the holidays (I blogged about that here) , the Xmas present budget is smaller than we would like it – but we figure, it’s better than nothing.

And, since we are traveling during the holidays, I’m contemplating not buying a Christmas tree.  Last year we brought a live tree.  This year I think it might be a waste of money since we won’t be here, and were not hosting either Thanksgiving or Christmas at our house…..So, the tree is probably out.  I’ll  see how Dr. B feels about it.

Oh, and one last thing…Dr. B’s Christmas gift.  I told him the other day that he didn’t have to buy me a gift.  As I mentioned above were going to be traveling a lot during the holidays, and that is gift enough for me.  But, knowing him..he will still buy me a little something.  So, I’m going to buy him a little something too 😉

Are you and your husband (or significant other) exchanging gifts this Christmas?  How do you going to handle buying gifts for your families?  I need a few suggestions for inexpensive gifts for our siblings, any ideas?

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In search of a Stress-Free Christmas

10 Sep

I love my peoples, but my peoples coupled with the holiday’s equals stress.

Last year Dr. B and I zig-zagged between my mom and his parents during the holidays.  It was nice to be with family, but it was also exhausting.  Oddly

Dr. B showing off his Xmas gifts last year 🙂

enough we weren’t even married.  We decided that we wanted a stress-free holiday. No trauma, drama, or dilemma. So, were planning on going to Los Angeles during Christmas.  I’ve never traveled to California, mush less LA, so I’m definitely excited about this trip!  *yep, yep* Just me and my husband!  We plan on sightseeing, going to Disney Land, and just having fun.

I know there are going to be haters, family members that think were being selfish, but, so. what.  🙂  We hosted Christmas dinner last year, and it was just uugh overwhelming and stressful at times.

It may seem a bit early to be thinking about Christmas, but, were in the process of booking the hotel and flight, so thought I would share my feelings and ask your opinion.

How do you feel about vacationing (away from family) during Christmas, or Thanksgiving, have you done so before?

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