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Florida Classic Weekend!

20 Nov
Florida Classic

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As I mentioned previously, I attended the University of Florida (Go Gators), but ever since I was a freshman my friends and I have always attended two HBCU events, FAMU‘s homecoming and The Florida Classic.  This weekend is the Florida Classic and my tailgating crazy husband it prepared – I mean really prepared.  The man is renting a 36 ft RV, for the game.  He brought a new amp to hookup two big speakers, so we can play music from our iPads.   On the other hand, I have taken it upon myself to be in charge of the jello shots 🙂 Here is my jello shot menu:

To say the least, we will be tailgating in style.   You would think we were die-hard alumni(any excuse to party right?).  What are you up to this weekend?  Any big plans?

Dr. B hooking up his speakers

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Wind Down Weekend awaits

5 Nov

This weekend Dr. B and I are laying low aka. doing nothing. Were having having our usual Friday date night. I’m in no mood to go too far, so were going to head up the street to Beef O’ Brady’s. They have 2 for 1 drinks all day everyday, so I’m game.

Tomorrow, we will go for a bike ride in the morning, then come home and do some yard work. After that we’re meeting with our new realtor *yes* I’m so happy to be done with our old realtor. She is lucky we found someone else, because I was on the verge of choking her 🙂

I have been working on an annotated bibliography for my class that is due today. I am not ashamed to say that I just started on it a few hours ago, although I knew It was due today… I just wasn’t in the mood. But now that the fire is lit under my butt, I’ll get it done in time…plus a few rounds of 2 for 1 drinks are in my immediate future.

Back to the grind….
Have a great weekend!

P.S. Don’t forget daylight savings time ends this weekend.

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Hello Monday!

18 Oct

As I type, I am icing my legs with bags of frozen vegetables 0_0.  I ran 5.96 miles in 56


Screenshot from my GPS run tracker iPhone application


minutes!  That’s my long run for the week.  Tuesday,  Thursday, and Friday I will run 4 to 5 miles, and on Wednesday and Saturday Dr. B and I will bike.  I love that feeling of accomplishment, when I finish a run.

I honestly didn’t think I even had it in me to get out there today, I was just not feeling it.  But, then something clicked!  I think it was the idea of starting a new week off on a positive note.  Also I was still feeling good about completing the first part of my research paper for class, in addition to getting a 60 out of 60 points on the previous paper that I turned in!  So, I’m feeling pretty darn good about myself right now 🙂

What’s even more awesome is how emotionally and physically great I feel.  I blogged about trying out the supplement Estroven for Menopause, and I darn near want to run out and buy stock in this company.  This stuff works, I mean it really works.  I had about 10% of the moodiness that I normally experience when I have PMS.  Really only freaking 10%, meaning I only had one minor emotional issue, and practically NO water weight gain 🙂  *Yes*

I can feel it, this is going to be a great week….maybe we will even sell the house!  How is Monday treating you so far?

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Mental Models and Newlyweds…Food for Thought

6 Oct
Illustration depicting thought.
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I’m 5 weeks into my current course, Managing Organizational Systems and Complexity, which I have mixed reviews about depending on the day of the week. There have been readings and assignments that I absolutely love, and others that I could care less about. One of the readings that I really enjoyed and applied was in week two, when we had to read chapter 9 titled Mental Models the book  The Fifth Discipline, by Peter Senge.

Senge defines mental models as, “the deeply ingrained assumptions, generalizations, and even pictures or images that influence how we understand the world. Since how we act is based on our impressions of our surrounding environment, it’s imperative that we recognize and re-evaluate our mental models and preconceived assumptions.”  Simply put a mental model is explanation of someone’s thought process about how something works in the real world.  Our mental models help shape our behavior and define our approach to solving problems and carrying out tasks.

For example, at work you might think, “My boss believes I’m incapable of managing this project.”  Yet you never ask my boss directly about it.  You would simply go out of your way to try continually to make yourself look capable to your boss.  Another example is,  “My boss is impatient and believes in quick and dirty solutions,” so you go out of my way to give him simple solutions even though you don’t think they really get to the heart of difficult solutions.

I got to thinking about the mental model that I have of Dr. B, and the ones that he might have of me.  Do I think that he doesn’t care because he always has a black and white solution to a problem,  or does he think that I’m hotheaded and temperamental because I display passion when discussing a topic that is dear to me?  So, if we are carrying around the mental models of each other how are they affecting our behavior towards each other?

As newlyweds it is important to distinguish between direct observations, and generalizations taken from our observations of our spouses.  There are ways you can approach a conversation with your spouse about your mental models; such as owning up to your own assumptions about your spouse, and citing your observations upon which they are based.  This in turn will help reduce the chances of a defensive reaction from your spouse.

What mental models do you think you have of your spouse, and what mental model do you think they have of you?

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Stuff, Stuff, and More Stuff!

8 Sep

I’ve basically been MIA for the past two weeks.  That’s what happens when final exams, and a

Gotta keep smiling!

holiday take over your life.  But, I back now…kind of.  I have a few things going on this week, that have me wishing for the weekend already.  For one,  I just started a new class yesterday, Managing Organizational Systems and Complexity, which I’m excited about.  The course centers around systems thinking, which is somewhat of a new topic for me, so it should be interesting. I’m going to have to do tons more writing for this class than I had for my statistics class, which by the way I got an A in 🙂

Next up, this Saturday we are having an open house, and I have tons of stuff to do.  Stuff, that I neglected to do last week.  The closer I get to Saturday the more things I find to fix, paint, buy, etc…  We have had our house on the market for 85 days now, and we have dropped the price once already, without much luck.  So, were lowering the price this week before the open house.  I’m at the point where I want to give away a new car as a buyer’s incentive, but I’m not sure if Dr. B would agree to that one *wink wink*

Then there is the matter of Dr. B’s parents.  His mom is 87 and his dad is 85, and both are not in good health.  As I type Dr. B’s father is in the hospital for several issues: deep vein thrombosis, cardio erythema, and kidney cancer.  They did two procedures yesterday, but they are limited in what they can do because of his age and, the overall condition of his health.  If everything goes well he will be with us for another year.  To say the least, it’s been very stressful for my husband.  As his father gets worse, his mother has started showing signs of deteriorating. It pains him to see his parents “wasting” away.  I glad that I am able to be by his side during this time of his life, we can get through this together.  Francesca, at recently posted a great article Elderly Care for Parents and In-Laws, which I plan to read and discuss with Dr. B.

Lastly on the list is me and my crazy PMS.  I went to my OBGYN last week and we had a great talk about my severe PMS issues.  So he decide to put me on birth control pills, to help level out my hormones.  Mind you, I haven’t taken the pill since college.  Dr. B and I have taken other measures to prevent pregnancy, so that’s not a concern.  As far as the pill goes, I detest the way that it makes me feel, nauseous, light-headed, fat, etc… My doctor swears by this new low-dose pill called Loestrin 24.  You take it for 24 days, then you take four days of placebo.  My doctor says it should decrease my mood swings, wight gain, etc… But, it takes about 3 months to take effect.

My biggest concern is the horrible side effects that other users talk about, such as: panic attacks, breast tenderness, depression, weight, gain, and nightmares *yep! nightmares*  So, I’m very hesitant to start taking this pill. But, I’m also desperate since I’ve tried everything I can think of, but nothing has worked consistently. Damn is you do, damn if you don’t 🙂

Enough about me…what’s new in your world???

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Oh What A Beautiful Day!

13 Aug

...just a random picture of me being silly! (but it does look like I'm in Oklahoma with my homeboys)

Oh what a beautiful morning!

Oh what a beautiful day!

I gotta beautiful feeling!

Everything’s going my way!

I’m totally feeling the lyrics from the play Oklahoma.  It’s been a great day, Actually it’s been a great week.

My hubby’s blood pressure has dropped 20 points in one month!  Woohoo!  All my hard work (eg. loading him up on supplements, green tea, meatless Mondays, biking, etc) has paid off.  I’m so excited, that he is now in the normal range 120/80.  I recently blogged about keeping him healthy, since his high blood pressure has been a worrisome topic for me.  I aim to keep him a round for a while 🙂

Second, I went to buy a new pair of running shoes (looong-over due) and the running store, The Track Shack, had 20% off of everything in the store! *yes..does fist pump*  I was able to get a new pair of Adidas Supernova Adapt (my favorite) that are normally $95, for $75!

Third,  I’m two weeks away from the end of my statistics class, which means I’m one step closer to my PhD.  I initially blogged about not liking statistics.  I still don’t like it, but I’m kind of “getting” it now.  I don’t have to ask Dr. B for much help anymore. 🙂  I have a final project and a final test to go!

Lastly, A good friend of ours, George, is turning 40 this weekend, and Dr. B and I are going to help him Get ready for the big pool party.  He recently

George at our wedding reception

broke up with his girlfriend *good riddance* so we are pitching in to give him a hand.  I blogged about all the help George gave us for our wedding reception, so I’m more than hype and ready to help him out!  Plus, I can make sure that the party is up to my standards off the chain 🙂

PS.  I’m alive and well, and I have the most wonderful husband in the world.  But, I gotta hide him, cuz they raping everybody out here! (shout out to Antoine Dodson!)

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