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Billy Blanks 24/7

11 Nov

Ya’ll know I am a Billy Blanks follower. I’m now the proud owner of about 15 Billy Blanks workout DVDs since YouTube deleted several of the uploaded videos because of copyright infringement.  But Amazon sells many of his old and new workouts for much less than retail, so I racked up.  Tae Bo is a great cross training workout for the days that I don’t run.  Billy has released a new workout series called Billy Blanks PT 24/7.  PT 24/7 comes with gloves, and a set of bands that attach to the gloves and your feet.

Now, as much as I know for a fact that his workouts are really work, I cannot see myself paying 3 easy payments of $29.95.  That’s almost $100!  For Billy Blanks?  I’m going to need him to come down on the price. I wonder if he has a lifetime-follower discount?  Probably not?  Oh, well, I’ll just wait.  Come January people ditch their new year’s resolutions to lose weight and I bet I can find PT 24/7 for $20, on Amazon  What’s the most you have paid for the a fitness craze?

Have a wonderful weekend!


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R.I.P. Billy Blanks YouTube Videos

3 Mar
Billy Blanks

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Remember back in December when I reignited my love for Billy Blanks workouts?  Yep, he kicked my arse so bad, but good, that I  incorporated two days of Billy B into my weekly workout routine.  Now, I run 5 miles on Mon, Wed, and Fri; then I submit to Billy on Tue and Wed; and bike on Saturdays.  Those two days give my legs a much-needed rest from running, but also an opportunity for me to cross train.  I’ve lost a few pounds, and I have toned up all over (those side kicks worked miracles on my abs).   But my biggest reward is that I’m running stronger and better.  My legs no longer feel like lead during mile 5.

With all that being said, I was horrified on Tuesday when I went on Youtube to queue a couple of BB workouts and I got this:

Billy Blanks has left the building 😦

Say it ain’t so, No!  Can you believe this ish?  Some of those Billy B videos have been posted on YouTube for over two years.  Why take them off now?  Talk about throwing a wrinkle in my daily routine.  I have grown really fond of Billy B’s Boot Camp Live video.  He incorporated the resistance bands into the routine, which have my arms, and legs ripped (if I must say so myself :-).  I was only able to find a few videos from different YouTube users, which I used to piece together for a 60 min workout, but of course it just wasn’t the same.  I knew I was going to have to shell out some money If I wanted to keep my love for Billy B going strong.

Reluctantly, I went to Walmart and found two of Billy B’s videos and I also ordered two more from Amazon.  I’m so disappointed in Billy, I thought we had the start of a good “free” relationship. LOL!

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Billy Blanks Kicked my Arse

10 Dec

The last few days the weather has been terrible in Florida, freakin 27 degrees 😦 No sir, I don’t run in sub-zero weather  So, I decided to go retro and do Billy Blanks Tae Bo cardio from 2003.  LOL!  Remember that craze, everyone caught it including me.  I used to have Billy in my workout rotation, and he kept my body tight.

So, on Monday I was expecting to sweat a little, but not get the beat down which is what Billy Blanks did.  I had to seriously work to keep up.  I was sweating like a football player!  I finished the entire tape, but the next morning I was so darn sore, I had trouble walking up and down the stairs.  Of course Dr. B volunteered to give me a massage 🙂

It amazed me how I  can run 25 miles a week, eat right, lift weights, just to have Billy Blanks beat me down like I was a couch potato.   He will humble you in the first 10 minutes of his tape. If you haven’t tried Tae Bo Cardio, you should.  It’s a great workout. It works all the major muscle groups while also giving you a great cardio workout.

This morning I was so happy that the weather was in the 40’s so I could get out and run four miles…that’s way easier that getting beat down by Billy Blanks!

Have you ever tried any of Billy Blanks workouts, did you like them?

Billy Blanks Tae Bo Cardio on Youtube

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