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Setting Boundaries: Everyone Can’t be in Your Front Row

27 Jul

Relationships are sacred, and it’s important for newly married couples to choose their audience carefully.  That entails carefully

Limit your front row seat audience

evaluating relationships with friends and family, and deciding if they deserve a front row seat, or if they should be placed in the balcony.  Not everyone’s intention’s are good and positive.  Not everyone is happy for you.  Not everyone has your best interest as a couple at heart.  People can be self-serving and selfish.  Jealousy and envy can cloud a friend’s rationale, and make them act out in unloving ways.

This is not to say the audience members who you place in a balcony seat are bad people – more so they are bad for your relationship.  Corey, over at A Simple Marriage, wrote an article “Are You Guilty of These Marriage Mistakes?”, and mistake #7 was ‘Unclear Boundaries with Family Members’:

Part of creating a marriage and a family requires boundaries around the marriage and the family. Picking up the phone to include your parents, or your children, in your marital difficulties often only exacerbates the issue.

Setting boundaries is important part in protecting, and building a strong marriage.   You cannot change the people around you…but you can change the people you are around.  Remember that front row seats are for special and deserving people and those who sit in your front row should be chosen carefully.  Everyone Can’t be in Your front row.

What’s your opinion on front row seats? Have you had to reassign a friend or family to the balcony, if so why?

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What is Means to be a Wife

1 Jul

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having my brother blog about what it means for him to be a husband.  Today his wife(the 2nd half of this dynamic duo) will touch on what is means to her to be a wife(how awesome is that?).  I just have to say this couple can hold there own with the best of them.  They are 100% dedicated to each other and it’s so refreshing to be around them.  Mrs. Baker the floor is your….

Guest author, Suwanda Baker

What does it mean to be a wife? I mean, I know that is the question I should be answering, but daily I struggle with a definite definition of the word *wife*. On Monday I may be the supportive wife, on Tuesday I may be a “ride or die” wife 🙂 , and on Wednesday I might just be the attentive wife… etc. Being a wife comes with a lot of responsibilities. I am grateful to have someone who trusts in me to be able to handle those responsibilities while remaining sane, rational, and humble.

How does being a wife feel? Honestly, I tell many people that it feels well… legal. My husband and I chose to live together before we got married. Once we started setting up joint accounts, and planning for major purchases together, we realized that it was definitely time to move or relationship forward towards marriage. Marriage is a commitment that many people are afraid to make, because it is (and should be) a permanent, til death do us part, commitment. Being his wife makes me feel secure in regards to our relationship, and it is definitely a blessing to have found someone who cares about me for me.

Being a wife is such an extraordinary experience.  At night as I lay in bed, it feels really good just knowing there is someone laying next to me who feels safe and secure enough to share his deepest thoughts with me. Being a wife is one of the greatest joys that I have experienced thus far in my life.   I am proud to say I’m Bobby “Mal” Baker’s wife all day, every day, and forever…

The Dynamic Duo

Beautiful words by a beautiful, caring a compassionate, person.  These two are so good together, I wish them many, many years of joy and happiness.

So readers there you have it a one-two punch husband and wifedom 🙂  What does being a wife mean to you?  I’d love to hear you sentiments….

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