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Confessions of an Ex-Grocery Store Snob

8 Dec
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When Dr. B and I started living together we would spend tons of money on groceries.  It’s not that we ate a lot, it was the fact that we were grocery store snobs, meaning we would only shopped at Publix…for everything.  Cleaning supplies, toilet tissue, vegetables, over the counter medicine – everything!  We would pay $125 and leave the store with 2 or 3 bags, WTH!

It dawned on me one day, we can’t continue to shop as if we were still single.  When I was single I would run Publix and buy what I needed for day, because it was convenient and because I didn’t plan ahead.  In addition,  our diet consisted of lean meats, vegetables, whole grains, and very few processed foods.  Why buy from “luxury” grocery stores when we didn’t need to? Something had to give.

A year and a half later, I only buy groceries from two discount grocery stores, Bravo Supermarket and Save-A-Lot.   I don’t go anywhere near Publix.  Bravo caters to the Hispanic population, but let me tell you, they have THE BEST prices on meat.  I really love Save-a-Lot, especially after I found out that all of the vegetables are grown by local farmers, and their prices on basics such a eggs and vegetables are rock bottom.  I had to train Dr. B to only shop at these stores which was actually easy after he ran up to Bravo one day. He was hooked after he saw the selection and prices of their meats  (the man is a carnivore).

Needless to say we cut our grocery budget in half, which has freed up more money to put into savings (cha-ching).  I’m the CFO and I’ve been working hard towards becoming more money wise and budget conscious.  Reducing our grocery expenses is a step in the right direction for us.

So, don’t come to our house looking for a name brand.   There is no shame to my game.   If Bravo or Save-A-Lot doesn’t have it…then we don’t buy it.  But, the best part is we don’t miss it 🙂

Now, my clothes and shoe budget… that’s another story 🙂

How do you reduce expenses and save money?  I’d love to hear some tips and tricks.

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Dr. B’s Blog

27 Jun

Dr. B blogger extraodinaire

I effortlessly shamelessly find ways to gush about my first new hubby, and rightfully so he does of me. For example, take yesterday when we stopped at Publix to buy dinner (Publix deli fried chicken to be exact).  Going through the checkout line my hubby started chatting it up with the male cashier about how his wife, me (standing right next to him) was *blah blah blah* I don’t remember the exact words, but it left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling 🙂  That led to a five-minute conversation with the cashier about our Las Vegas wedding, etc…etc… I just love the way Dr. B is always talking me up.  Me thinks he must love me something super *wink wink*  So, I wasn’t at all surprised when he posted an article on his blog about decision to buy the new iPad and iPhone 4. Yes my name is Natasha and I’m an Apple addict.”  Besides for him putting me on blast about losing 2 iPhones in 6 months, he also linked to my blog in his post.  So right back at you Dr. B!  So go forth and check out my hubby’s blog.  Comment, subscribe and learn dear readers.

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