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Pie Chart Shopping

4 Nov

Last week I blogged about my personal style, and how it has evolved after I got married.  One thing I have come to realize is that regardless of what style icon I’m channeling at the moment, to achieve that look, some form of shopping (on the Internet or in-person) has to occur.  Right?  I truly believe people don’t change…much.  I was a shopper before I met my husband, and It be unrealistic to believe that because I am married I wouldn’t shop anymore.  I have to admit shopping was once one of my favorite pastimes.  Most Saturday’s my older sister and I would meet up and shop, have lunch, then shop some more.  I tried not to spend more money than I budgeted for shopping.  And I always paid cash, so financially I was ‘responsible’.  Although I have to admit I could have saved much more than I did.

Now that I’m married, I try to limit my clothes shopping to buying seasonal basics and special occasion items.  But, that doesn’t always work.  Personally, I believe that getting married changes your perspectives and priorities, but it never takes away your desire to indulge in fashion.  In an effort to curtail impulsive shopping, I decided to try the Pie Chart Shopping method.  I came across this method while reading I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks.  Amanda suggests making a pie chart to prioritize the areas of your life you dress for.  There are six main areas: work, play/casual, play/elegant, sports/exercise, social functions, and bedtime.

“The pie chart can help you visualize how much time you spend in each area, and how important those areas are to you, and budget accordingly.”

Now when I’m shopping, and I see something I like, my goal is to decide if it belongs one of  my high-percentage shopping categories such casual, exercise, and social.  If not… I don’t buy it.   I will still continue to shop, but with focus on social and casual clothing.  Which allows me to have my cake and eat it too!  Would you try the Pie Chart Method? What methods do you use to curtail spending?


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Personal Style Redefined

21 Oct

I was browsing in Anthropologie yesterday when I came across the book, I Love Your Personal Style: How to Define and Refine Your Personal Style by Amanda Brooks.  I purchase the book, since it hit on a topic that I’ve occasionally thought about the this year, my personal style evolution.  Every since I can remember my style has revolved around showing off my legs.  I have always believed they were and are my best asset, at 5’9′ I’m taller than your average woman.  I remember thinking long and hard about what to wear when I was going out with my sisters (I have 3 beautiful sisters) and trying to differentiate myself from them.  In my mind, my legs were the key.

Now that I’m older I continue to wear clothing that highlights my legs, which is easy when you live in Florida like I do. Back in the day 🙂 when I worked, my style of dress for the office was classic with a modern twist, now I like to mix several styles.  Here are a few highlights from the author Amanda Brooks on personal style and how to find it:

  • Personal style is a look that is all your own.
  • Embrace yourself and your history.
  • Self-confidence is good for both your soul and your style.
  • Celebrate your creativity, express your different moods, and show off all the faces of your personality.

I believe your personal style will shine through even if you change your look from day-to-day.  Now that I’m not in a structured work environment, I am having fun experiment with different looks, and shopping in a wider range of stores from vintage clothing boutiques to Bloomingdale’s.  I don’t feel any pressure to conform to any rules or trends.  Also, I don’t feel the need to dress like a “wife” ow that I’m married. In the book, there is a section on things to consider when you are working on defining and refining your personal style, one being age.  Amanda writes:

“The word ‘appropriate” gives me the chills and has nothing to do with age when it comes to style.  Women look best when they wear what they look good and what works for their budget and lifestyle.  Everybody’s style evolves over time, but if you know what works for you and what you like you will never have to worry about dressing “appropriately” for your age.”  Not that is some great advice!  Gotta go, I’m headed off to the Bahamas for the weekend…. What should I wear on the plane? :=)

Have a great weekend!


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This Weekend, A Wedding, and A New Blog

19 Aug

I’m so glad it’s Friday!  Granted, I don’t work in the traditional sense, but I structure my week as if it were.  So, by the time Friday rolls around, I’m ready to relax with Dr. B.  As I type, I’m sitting under the hairdryer, which I absolutely cannot stand!  Do you know how long it takes locs to dry.  I normally let them air dry throughout the day, but I have a lot of things to get done today, and the last thing I want to think about is a head full of damp hair.   It want it look really nice for my brother-in-laws wedding!

He and his fiance are Buddhist, so the wedding will be a traditional Buddhist ceremony.  I’m expecting it to be visually picturesque, hopefully something like this

and this

Lastly, I started a new blog called The UpTown Atelier!  I wanted a home where I could share my off-the-grid home decorating ideas, inspiration, and DIY.  Atelier is pronounced At-Ti-Ya…it kinds rhymes with ALL Day 🙂  An Atelier is a French term for an artist’s studio or workshop. We live uptown of Downtown Orlando…hence the name The UpTown Atelier.  I was reaching huh? 🙂  Anyhoo, stop over and say hi!  Today I posted some before and after pics of my Dorothy Draper inspired entertainment center.

How are you going to enjoy this weekend?

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My Curated Fabric Selections on Pinterest

9 Aug

I’m in the process of picking upholstery fabrics for several chairs I am reupholstering and a few toss

Curated board of upholstery fabric

pillows.  As I shopped I curated a Pinterest board to help me keep track of my many infinite fabric crushes 🙂 I have a tendency to lean towards classic style with a an ethnic twist. Check out my inspiration board an let me know what you think about my selections.

BTW, if you are on Pinterest…let me know so I can follow you.

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It’s Monday…Here’s What I’m Reading

20 Dec

Like many people, I have a hectic four days ahead of me. Tons of schoolwork that I’m racing to finish before Christmas.  So that I can relax, and enjoy the time I will have with my family, instead of focusing on my assignments.  Needless to say I don’t have much for you today, except for a few links from blog posts that I read today.  They are definitely worth a worth a click to two…enjoy!

Both of these are by my husband Dr. B, who blogs about personal and professional productivity

Here is a post by Cindy, Today’s Sermon, its a touching account of her recent spiritual revelation.

Looking for a good reicipe? Try the cream cheese coffee cake posted, on What I Crave.  It looks delicious!  I think it would make a great treat for it the morning after Christmas.

Lastly, this post Cocktail Hour by Fashion in Motion is a couple of weeks old, but it has some great cocktail dresses if your still seeking a cute one for New Years Eve!  I especially like the Bradley Mischka, beaded and feathered dress (it’s purple and black)! OOh! that dress would legs would look a mile long 🙂

Have a great Monday!!!!

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Changing of the Guard: Managing our Marriage Finances

4 Nov

Today is the day I officially I begin my job as household Money Czar.  Up until today Dr. B has handled all of our finances, from the budgeting to the bill paying, but today I will take on all financial tasks, including saving and investing for our future.  From the beginning of our relationship Dr. B always said this is “our” money, and I was the one that could not conceptualize the idea since I did not work and bring home a paycheck every two weeks.

At the beginning of the year he even asked me to handle the finances and I balked at the idea. Granted, I always had a say in our money matters.  I just didn’t have, neither did I want to, physically be the one responsible.  Plus, I had the chauvinistic attitude that men handled money better than women (go figure).  Not to say I didn’t know where every single cent went, or that I didn’t have complete access to all of our account… Since then, we have gotten engaged, married, and “settled” into married life.  Over the the months my confidence in my money abilities have increased (as I have become quite the bargain shopper), so I asked Dr. B if the offer still stood, and he enthusiastically said “yes.”  So all this week I’ve been working our budget spreadsheets, organizing our bank accounts, pouring over monthly statements, and researching  various retirement strategies…and I love it!  The other day, Dr. B said he was actually excited, because he knew the I would do such a great job with our finances. 🙂  It is a great feeling to have a husband who totally trusts your judgment.  In addition I believe it has brought us closer as a couple, what can be more personal, intimate, and humbling than money?

My husband really, really, wants to buy an RV next year so that we can travel to all the University of Florida football games and we can, as he says “tailgate in style.”  I have a strong desire to make that dream a reality for him.  He doesn’t ask for much, but darn sure deserves it and much, much more.  I going to work overtime as the money czar to get him that RV.

Many people look at our marriage and wonder why a thirty-something, woman, with no kids, working on her PhD would want to be a stay-at-home wife.  I am a traditional, but far from old-fashioned.  My husband is the head of the household…but I control the purse strings 🙂

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I’m Bernard’s Wife!

17 Jun

The other day I was reading A Practical Wedding (APW), and in Meg’s post she mentioned Cindy a blogger who stated ” I love being a wife”  You can read both of their blogs here and here.  It got me to thinking about the last year of my life.  I’ve been Dr. B’s stay at home girlfriend, then fiance, and now wife, and I’ve loved every minute of it.  I Love being a wife, more specifically I love being Dr. B’s wife.  Not in the television commercial sense of the word (ie kids and a mini van).  But, in the traditional meaning, which is “a female partner in a marriage.”  I can remember thinking (years ago) that once I married I would continue working.  I couldn’t picture myself not working, it seemed like the most natural thing to do.  But, here I am, not working. Being his wife and loving it. 

There are days (since the wedding) that it hits me, I am a WIFE (tears begin to well up).  I’m not (as my sister puts it) boyfriend and girlfriend on steroids.   I love being  Dr. B’s partner.  I  enjoy taking care of our house, and taking care of my husband.  I’m happy, he’s happy and it just works for us.  I’m still independent and strong-willed which (BTW) does not automatically diminish when you become a wife.  In fact they increase.  They increase because you now have someone who has your back, and encourages you to go out and do whatever the h*ll you want to do.  As a wife you have stability and security from your husband, and at a level you’ve never had before.  As a wife you provide security and stability like never before.  Just think about it…how big and significant is that?  I’m so proud of what I do and who I am.  Yes I’m working on my PhD, but that’s nothing, nothing at all compared to being Dr. B’s wife.  Now the next time someone asks me what I do, I’m not going to to say  ” I am Ph.D. student.”  I’m going to say “I’m Bernard’s wife”.

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