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A Rare Saturday

10 Sep

We are actually home!  I got this morning went for a bike ride and run while Dr. B took his car into the shop.  After my workout I took a swim, followed by a soak in the jacuzzi  (my legs were killing me).  We actually turned down an invitation to go to the beach (I think were getting old)…  Right now Dr. B is catching up on some work, while blog surf and shop online and watch football 🙂 It feels good to sit my butt home a relax.  What are you up to today?

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Our new Diggs…

25 Aug

has badarse amenities!   This community have an onsite concierge, movie theater, cocktail hour twice a month, and aqua aerobics classes, dry cleaning services, etc…  Even with all that, one of my favorite features is the 7th floor clubhouse.  No, it’s not your ordinary clubhouse.  It’s like a member’s only lounge, minus the bartender and waitresses :-).  The other night Dr. B and I went up to the clubhouse to hang out, having a few drinks and chill.  I took a few pictures…

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I saw this…

11 Aug

I saw this:

Tree stump table featured in Apartment Therapy

and this…

Kate Cunningham tree stump table

So now I’m working with this…

Tree stump from the back yard of our old house

and this…

I’ll let you know how they turn out. 🙂

I used this….

Shark mini sewing machine

To make these…

My DIY pillows

Today I brought this…

Heavy duty Singer sewing machine

I hope to make something like these…

Pillows by Furbish Studios

and this…

Ottoman by Furbish Studios

This newlywed is knee deep in home decor DIY and loving it!

BTW…I used the iPhone application Hipstamatic to take the pictures. It’s an app that takes pictures like old film cameras.  Check it out if you have an iPhone.

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My Curated Fabric Selections on Pinterest

9 Aug

I’m in the process of picking upholstery fabrics for several chairs I am reupholstering and a few toss

Curated board of upholstery fabric

pillows.  As I shopped I curated a Pinterest board to help me keep track of my many infinite fabric crushes 🙂 I have a tendency to lean towards classic style with a an ethnic twist. Check out my inspiration board an let me know what you think about my selections.

BTW, if you are on Pinterest…let me know so I can follow you.

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