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Personal Style Redefined

21 Oct

I was browsing in Anthropologie yesterday when I came across the book, I Love Your Personal Style: How to Define and Refine Your Personal Style by Amanda Brooks.  I purchase the book, since it hit on a topic that I’ve occasionally thought about the this year, my personal style evolution.  Every since I can remember my style has revolved around showing off my legs.  I have always believed they were and are my best asset, at 5’9′ I’m taller than your average woman.  I remember thinking long and hard about what to wear when I was going out with my sisters (I have 3 beautiful sisters) and trying to differentiate myself from them.  In my mind, my legs were the key.

Now that I’m older I continue to wear clothing that highlights my legs, which is easy when you live in Florida like I do. Back in the day 🙂 when I worked, my style of dress for the office was classic with a modern twist, now I like to mix several styles.  Here are a few highlights from the author Amanda Brooks on personal style and how to find it:

  • Personal style is a look that is all your own.
  • Embrace yourself and your history.
  • Self-confidence is good for both your soul and your style.
  • Celebrate your creativity, express your different moods, and show off all the faces of your personality.

I believe your personal style will shine through even if you change your look from day-to-day.  Now that I’m not in a structured work environment, I am having fun experiment with different looks, and shopping in a wider range of stores from vintage clothing boutiques to Bloomingdale’s.  I don’t feel any pressure to conform to any rules or trends.  Also, I don’t feel the need to dress like a “wife” ow that I’m married. In the book, there is a section on things to consider when you are working on defining and refining your personal style, one being age.  Amanda writes:

“The word ‘appropriate” gives me the chills and has nothing to do with age when it comes to style.  Women look best when they wear what they look good and what works for their budget and lifestyle.  Everybody’s style evolves over time, but if you know what works for you and what you like you will never have to worry about dressing “appropriately” for your age.”  Not that is some great advice!  Gotta go, I’m headed off to the Bahamas for the weekend…. What should I wear on the plane? :=)

Have a great weekend!


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The Black Church and Single Women: A Correlation?

12 Aug

I read an interesting article in CNN today, Does the Black Church Keep Black Women Single? I thought, “here is another article explaining why a majority of black women aren’t married.”  But,after reading the article in it’s entirety, I did see some truth to the claim.  Deborrah Cooper, a dating a relationship columnist, who blogs at Survivingdating.com is the author behind the claim.  Deborrah states that,

Black women have an inordinate amount of faith in both Black men and Black churches.  My position is that such blind and unwavering faith in either is misplaced.  It is my belief that the Black church, structured around traditional gender roles which makes women submissive to and inferior to men, greatly limits females.  Single Black women sitting in church every Sunday are being subtly brainwashed, soothed and placated into waiting without demand for what they want to magically come to them.  Who is doing this to Black women?  The male standing in the front of the church in the role of spiritual leader, that’s who!

From my own personal experience… when I was searching for a church home I encountered some cult-like churches where the people, not just the women, idolized the pastor *I got up and left in the middle of the service*  So, I can see her point…I know a few single black females who hang on Every.Single.Word. that their pastor says 😦  I remember a time when my former pastor gave a sermon on sex, and he spoke about not having see until your married…ummm…yes I know what the bible says .  But, that easier said than done.  Especially coming from someone who has been married for 15 years (you get yours on the regular…)  Times like that I felt that the church was a “little” out of sync with reality (aka. 2010).

But, alas, I’m not hear to preach the word.  I found a very interesting perspective on the “single Black Female” phenomenon that’s the talk of the media, and I wanted to share it. I’m just happy I’m not a statistic anymore.  🙂

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Keeping My Hubby Healthy: A Wife’s Role

3 Aug

Me and my healthy hubby Dr. B!

My husband has a PhD, hence his nickname Dr. B.  He is one of the smartest people I know, even smarter than me :-).  Just ask him to explain the theory behind time and gravity, and he will give you a 20 min dissertation.  But, last week, I asked him how much water he should to drink a day, as I knew he wasn’t drinking nearly enough.   I was so stunned that he had no idea.  No, not possible, everyone knows that – right?  Uuum…I guess not.  I figured that was common knowledge.  But, I have to remember Dr. B has bigger fish to fry, and remembering the right amount of water to drink is not one of them.  But, it is for me. I believe that it is my responsibility to make sure my husband eats right, exercises, and takes care of his health.

I’m on a quest to keep me any my hubby healthy.  I just found The One, and I’m looking forward to a long life with him…we have sh** to do, places to see, and a condo on the beach to buy *does quick prayer for a condo on the beach*  Not, that Dr. B is completely in left field about eating right, and taking care of himself.  But like most men there is always room for improvement.

This is where I come in.  In my never-ending search for health and nutrition information I found a study that supports my rigorous efforts to take care of Dr. B.  Last year an article in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health detailed the research of two Swedish Researchers who found that:

the education of a man’s partner had a stronger effect than his own schooling; men living with a woman without any high school education were 1.25 times more likely to die than men living with a college graduate.

As far as women’s education, Erikson and Torssander note in their report, “women traditionally take more responsibility for the home than men do, and, as a consequence, women’s education might be more important for the family’s lifestyle — for example, in terms of food habits — than men’s education.”

Our home gym!

If I have to say so myself, Dr. B is a lucky man 🙂  Actually he should thank me that I work so diligently to ensure our good health.  No seriously, the health of my husband is very, very important to me.  In 2001 my father died expectantly at the early age of 51.  His death took a toll on me and my family.  I vowed that if I married, I would do everything in my power to keep me and my husband healthy.

More recently, in September 2009 my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  That was a very frightening time for me, and my siblings.  I did some research, and found that MD Anderson in Houston Texas was one of the best cancer treatment centers in the US.  My mother had her surgery there, and 10 months later she is cancer free.

So you see, I do this for my own selfish reasons.  I fear losing my loved ones.  I want them around for many, many years to come.  I value health and wellness, and it is one of the many ways that I show Dr. B that I love him.

Ok, intelligent wives, what do you do to keep your hubby’s healthy?   I’d love to hear some tips and tricks!

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