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Planes, Trains, and RV’s

27 Oct

I’m not a big fan of traveling by car, not one bit. I prefer to travel by plane. I find that flying is quicker, less  hassle, and often less expensive. But, when it comes to traveling to (my alma  mater)University of Florida football games my first choice by far, is an RV. I was so against RV’s when Dr. B initially suggested it. I had visions of retired couples at Yellowstone. Not my type of fun. But,  I’ll try anything once, and I’m so glad I did.

This is the real deal Holdyfield! It's a house on wheels!

Bernard's dream RV, a Class B diesel pusher.

An RV elevates your tailgating style to a whole ‘nother’ level. Most can sleep 4-10 people, so you drinking and driving isn’t an issue.

His and her recliners

The living room is big enough for me to do my Billy Blanks workouts!

Full size bed

RV’s even come with a fully equipped kitchen so you can save money by cooking instead of eating out.

Freezer and refrigerator

Gas stove, oven, and stainless steel sink

Hardwood floors and leather seating are standard in most RV’s

This dining room section converts to a bed!

This sofa converts to a bed!

RV’s have many other great features that makes it a home away from home… just perfect for tailgating!

Now, do you see why it wasn’t a hard sell to convince me?

This is the model we rented. A Class C, 32 Ft.

Were on our way to the FL vs GA football game! Were staying in RV City with the other UF  tailgating faithfuls!  Have a great weekend.


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Florida Vs. Tennessee

16 Sep

I’m all geared up and ready to go!  Dr. B and I are driving to Gainesville tomorrow morning for the Florida vs. Tennessee football game.  Although this is the 3rd game of the season, This will be the first real test for the Gators against a team in the SEC. This should be a great game, both teams are 2-0, although Florida is ranked 16th in the AP poll.

In addition to the game, the College of Journalism and Communications is having its annual alumni reunion tailgate before the game.  It will be great to hang out with old friends, eat some BBQ, and talk Florida football!!!

Have a great Friday,


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The Swamp

8 Oct


This picture was taken at the South Carolina-F...

"The Swamp"


Dr.B. and I are driving up to Gainesville on Saturday to watch my alma mater, the University of Florida (UF) *Go Gators*, beat up on LSU!
This should be a very good game.  Last week in the AP poll Florida was ranked #7 and they were crushed by #1 Alabama.  After that loss, Florida fell to #14 and LSU moved up to #12.  They are will battle it out in the Swamp, which is the nickname for Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Hopefully UF will win so we can move up in the poll.

This will be the first UF football game Dr.B has ever attended.  I told him he is now officially a Florida Gator, whether he likes it or not 🙂  He bleeds orange and blue just like I do!  The game doesn’t start until 7:30, but were going to drive up early Saturday morning and tour the campus on our bikes.  I’m looking forward to showing Dr. B the campus where I spent four of the best years of my life.

Then at 5:30, were going to tailgate with my fellow alumni at the College of Journalism and Communications.  The college is right across the street from the stadium, so it will be a rowdy tailgate….you know who wild and crazy journalism students are. lol!

After the game we will probably hang out at one of the local bars, like Balls Purple, or Gators Sports Bar.  That’s if we can stand any more of the rowdy college kids.  We end up pulling an “old people” aka.  going to the hotel and calling it a night 🙂

Any big plans for the weekend? Any college football fans out there?

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