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Christmas Cards Anyone?

8 Dec

Are or have you sent Christmas cards this year?  Yes, No, Maybe?   You still have time. I even shopped Etsy for you 🙂  Check out these crafty, humorous, and sentimental designs.

1. SimplyCBoutique  2. BethsCardCreations

1. RedLetterPaperCompany  2. PolarProject  3. ConcertinaPress

1. RBGColor  2. HenPenDesigns

My personal favorite is Rudolf in a Blizzard…too cute!!

Happy X-Mas card hunting,


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2010, A Year to Remember

29 Dec

Remember when you made BIG plans for New Year’s Eve?  When you and your friends had to find the best spot in town to ring in the new year?  I remember those days fondly 🙂  Some years I would have a shindig at my house, other years I would go out on the town. One year I even went to church with my oldest sister (that was really nice).

This year that I will be spending New Year‘s eve with my new husband. WOW, I have a husband?  What a difference a year makes.   Last year this time we had been dating for six months, and now a year later were Mr. and Mrs. Williams.  We went from dating, to engaged, and finally to being married in a year’s time.  I honestly don’t want this year to end.  Needless to say it’s one of THE BEST year’s of my life.  I do look forward to 2011 and having another fruitful year with Dr. B, but oh how I wish the 2010 whirlwind would never end.  I know our marriage will continue to grow and get better, I will grow and become a better wife.  Yes, I ‘m looking forward to the future, but, damn 2010 was great!

Are you ready to start the 2011, or was 2010 so good you don’t want it to end?

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It’s Monday…Here’s What I’m Reading

20 Dec

Like many people, I have a hectic four days ahead of me. Tons of schoolwork that I’m racing to finish before Christmas.  So that I can relax, and enjoy the time I will have with my family, instead of focusing on my assignments.  Needless to say I don’t have much for you today, except for a few links from blog posts that I read today.  They are definitely worth a worth a click to two…enjoy!

Both of these are by my husband Dr. B, who blogs about personal and professional productivity

Here is a post by Cindy, Today’s Sermon, its a touching account of her recent spiritual revelation.

Looking for a good reicipe? Try the cream cheese coffee cake posted, on What I Crave.  It looks delicious!  I think it would make a great treat for it the morning after Christmas.

Lastly, this post Cocktail Hour by Fashion in Motion is a couple of weeks old, but it has some great cocktail dresses if your still seeking a cute one for New Years Eve!  I especially like the Bradley Mischka, beaded and feathered dress (it’s purple and black)! OOh! that dress would legs would look a mile long 🙂

Have a great Monday!!!!

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What Better Reason to Shop?

11 Nov

If you’re like me (see yesterday’s dilemma) and you’re looking to get started on your Christmas shopping, head out to the Banana Republic (my favorite store), Gap, or Old Navy, because starting today you can receive 30% off your purchase until Nov. 14th! (How timely is that?)  The event is called Give and Get, and for every purchase you make during the next four days, a non-profit (of your choice) will receive 5% of every purchase you make!  What better excuse to to give your husband than, “It’s for a good cause” 🙂  The promo email was sent out today to customers who are registered online.  If you interested here is a link to get you started, oh and the promo can be used multiple times in any of the stores, but only once online.

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