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Pie Chart Shopping

4 Nov

Last week I blogged about my personal style, and how it has evolved after I got married.  One thing I have come to realize is that regardless of what style icon I’m channeling at the moment, to achieve that look, some form of shopping (on the Internet or in-person) has to occur.  Right?  I truly believe people don’t change…much.  I was a shopper before I met my husband, and It be unrealistic to believe that because I am married I wouldn’t shop anymore.  I have to admit shopping was once one of my favorite pastimes.  Most Saturday’s my older sister and I would meet up and shop, have lunch, then shop some more.  I tried not to spend more money than I budgeted for shopping.  And I always paid cash, so financially I was ‘responsible’.  Although I have to admit I could have saved much more than I did.

Now that I’m married, I try to limit my clothes shopping to buying seasonal basics and special occasion items.  But, that doesn’t always work.  Personally, I believe that getting married changes your perspectives and priorities, but it never takes away your desire to indulge in fashion.  In an effort to curtail impulsive shopping, I decided to try the Pie Chart Shopping method.  I came across this method while reading I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks.  Amanda suggests making a pie chart to prioritize the areas of your life you dress for.  There are six main areas: work, play/casual, play/elegant, sports/exercise, social functions, and bedtime.

“The pie chart can help you visualize how much time you spend in each area, and how important those areas are to you, and budget accordingly.”

Now when I’m shopping, and I see something I like, my goal is to decide if it belongs one of  my high-percentage shopping categories such casual, exercise, and social.  If not… I don’t buy it.   I will still continue to shop, but with focus on social and casual clothing.  Which allows me to have my cake and eat it too!  Would you try the Pie Chart Method? What methods do you use to curtail spending?


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Personal Style Redefined

21 Oct

I was browsing in Anthropologie yesterday when I came across the book, I Love Your Personal Style: How to Define and Refine Your Personal Style by Amanda Brooks.  I purchase the book, since it hit on a topic that I’ve occasionally thought about the this year, my personal style evolution.  Every since I can remember my style has revolved around showing off my legs.  I have always believed they were and are my best asset, at 5’9′ I’m taller than your average woman.  I remember thinking long and hard about what to wear when I was going out with my sisters (I have 3 beautiful sisters) and trying to differentiate myself from them.  In my mind, my legs were the key.

Now that I’m older I continue to wear clothing that highlights my legs, which is easy when you live in Florida like I do. Back in the day 🙂 when I worked, my style of dress for the office was classic with a modern twist, now I like to mix several styles.  Here are a few highlights from the author Amanda Brooks on personal style and how to find it:

  • Personal style is a look that is all your own.
  • Embrace yourself and your history.
  • Self-confidence is good for both your soul and your style.
  • Celebrate your creativity, express your different moods, and show off all the faces of your personality.

I believe your personal style will shine through even if you change your look from day-to-day.  Now that I’m not in a structured work environment, I am having fun experiment with different looks, and shopping in a wider range of stores from vintage clothing boutiques to Bloomingdale’s.  I don’t feel any pressure to conform to any rules or trends.  Also, I don’t feel the need to dress like a “wife” ow that I’m married. In the book, there is a section on things to consider when you are working on defining and refining your personal style, one being age.  Amanda writes:

“The word ‘appropriate” gives me the chills and has nothing to do with age when it comes to style.  Women look best when they wear what they look good and what works for their budget and lifestyle.  Everybody’s style evolves over time, but if you know what works for you and what you like you will never have to worry about dressing “appropriately” for your age.”  Not that is some great advice!  Gotta go, I’m headed off to the Bahamas for the weekend…. What should I wear on the plane? :=)

Have a great weekend!


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Meltdown Avoided

9 Oct

I almost had one today.  Thankfully, Mrs. Burch and Mr. Run came to my rescue.  For various reasons I was feeling frustrated, and out-of-sorts.  I’m not sure if it had anything to do with it raining for two days straight, good old hormones, or just plain craziness, but I wasn’t in a great place today….not horribly bad, but not great either.  Defense is the best offense, so I went shopping and then for a short run.  Thanks to 25% off at Tory Burch I brought the Amanda double snap wallet.  I saw it last month while searching for a new wallet.  Today I figured I couldn’t pass up the 25% off since the sale ends tomorrow.

Cheery Cherry Red!

When I returned home, I was still feeling somewhat antsy, so I went for short two miler.  It felt good to get outside after two days of rain . During my run I listened to the Millionaire Next Door (great book, if you haven’t read it).  I normally read books on my iPad, but I’m starting to jump on the  Audio Book craze that my husband is sooo hooked on. I hardly ever listen to the local radio station anymore, so the Audio Book app fills that void.

Thanks for listening to my rant, I feel much better now…have a great Sunday evening.


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My Wedding Vows

23 Jun

I love the smile on Dr. B's face!

During our wedding ceremony Dr. B and I read our own vows, and recited the traditional vows.  We both felt it was important to be able to freely express our love for

Reading my vows to Dr. B

each other, while at the same time keeping with hundreds of years of wedding tradition.  When we made the decision to write our vows, I was excited!  After reading so much wedding porn, I had romanticized ideas swirling through my head.  That is until I actually sat down to write them a month before our wedding.  I  got scared and stressed.  I realized I had never written down my feelings for my husband-to-be.  I consider myself a “good” writer, and words come naturally to me.  But, it’s something about writing the words that will seal a life-long union, that makes the process a little overwhelming.  I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to clearly capture the essence of my love for Dr. B.  I was also afraid that I would sound like a bad greeting card(and embarrass myself).  For inspiration and guidance I searched the Internet for love poems, bible scriptures, blogs, and read articles on how to write your wedding vows.  It took several sleepless nights but, I think I did a pretty good job.

I guess I’m posting my vows because every morning I wake up besides my wonderful, generous, kind, patient, intelligent, gentle, understanding….Husband!  How’s that for a reason to post your vows for the world to see 🙂  So, here they are my wedding vows…

No one tells you when your young, what no one seems to understand, is that the best thing you can do is find the person that makes you want to be the best you possible.

The one person that does not complete you, but complements you, enhances you. Makes you shine your brightest next to them.

You, Bernard, are that person for me. I love you not only for who you are, but for who I am when I’m with you.

In the time that I have known you, I have found myself through my heart because of you.

YOU, love, ME for exactly who I am.  You, with genuine loving patience, has peeled away my many layers, and spoken directly to my soul.  Those walls I have built came tumbling down…they didn’t even put up a fight, they didn’t even make a sound.

My soul has come alive because of my love for you.   In the Song of Solomon it says, “It was but a little that I passed from them, but I found him whom my soul loveth: I held him, and would not let him go.” Bernard, I promise I will hold on tight and not let you go.

Because, Paul D., you are my best thing.  You love me when I am unlikeable.  You see the small child in me and, the divine potential in me. You are the man of my dreams, the man of my hopes, and the man of my desires.

I Natasha, take you, Bernard, to be my husband. With the greatest joy I come into my new life with you. Today I am reminded of James 1:17 which says, “Every good thing bestowed and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.”

Besides the gift of salvation, you are the most precious gift God has given me. I know that along with the new joys God has given me, I face new responsibilities that I cannot fulfill in my own strength.

But by God’s grace and power working within me, I desire to be trustworthy as your wife, to serve and love you in all circumstances, to obey you, to allow God to use you to build His qualities in me, as long as God give us life on this earth. I praise God continually for you, Bernard, and for your love and friendship.

Dear readers, did you or did you not write your own vows, and why?  Please share your wedding vow stories.

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