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Playing With Instagram

2 Dec

There was a fire in our building today, so we had to evacuate. While I was waiting for them to put out the fire, I decided to try out the iPhone Instagram app. 0,,0

BTW…it was a small fire and no one was injured.


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A House Divided… iPhone 4S VS Samsung Galaxy S II

7 Nov

I’m a the #AppleFanGirl4Life.   Apple can do no wrong in my book.  In the 4 years since I’ve switched from a pc to a Mac, I’ve never gotten a virus, and the only time my laptop has crashed was when I was in Barnes and Nobles, and I accidentally spilled hot green tea on it 😦  I’m the proud owner of the iPhone 4, iPad, and Macbook Air.  They are the air that I breath, and the wind beneath my wings.  So… imagine my horror, when Dr. B (a supposed Apple devotee) decided to switch to the Samsung Galaxy S when it was time to upgrade his phone.  My first thought was, “who is this man I married?…I don’t recognize him anymore.”  Mr. Steve Jobs, I apologize if my husband has offended you, he knows not what he does.

I ordered a white iPhone 4S on Sunday!!!!  I cannot wait to get my hands on this phone.  The first thing I’ll ask Siri is, “is this my husband, or has he been replaced with an Android powered alien?”  Only Siri can help me now.  I feel sorry for Dr. B, he actually likes his big ole phone Samsung.  Oh well,  just wait until he hears me and Siri chatting it up…someone’s gonna be jealous… 🙂

Who has the ‘better’ phone in your house?


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Rain Rain Go Away… It’s Thursday!

10 Feb

I was so excited about my run this morning.  The weather was a nice 65 degrees, and slightly overcast. When I checked my Weather.com app I saw that there was a 60% chance of showers.  Upon further inspection of the weather map, I didn’t see any rain moving my way, so I headed out for a five-run.  My run started out great.  My legs felt fresh which was surprising since, for the past two weeks, I have been doing two workouts a day five days a week.  I was flying, at an 8:45/mile pace!

Can you believe 2.5 miles into the run it starts to down pour.  I’m not talking about sprinkles or drizzle. I’m talking about having to take my iPhone out of my armband and tuck it into my sports bar type of downpour.  😦  Boy, I wish I someone was recording that!  I was freaking sprinting, which made the ran whip my face even harder.  I would have stopped, but there was nowhere to stop.  No corner store, no shelter, only houses that sit off the road down long driveways.  So… I kept running.  I had a few cars honk their horns.  Probably because of the phone in my bra that kept bouncing up and down. smh

All in all it was a great run, and the beginning of a beautiful Thursday for me.  From now on, I will make sure I actually take heed of the forecast.

What’s your worse weather experience, have you been even been caught outside in a rain or snow storm?

PS. I was going to wash my hair today anyway 🙂



Oh, now the weather map shows rain in my area! LOL

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The Pastor Used an iPad

20 Sep

Me and Dr. B waiting for the ceremony to start

Dr. B and I attended a beautiful outdoor wedding this weekend at the Royal Links golf course.  I was admittedly a “little” astounded that someone would have a Wedding in September in Florida at 5:30.  Especially given the fact that Florida is still HOT in September.  But, being a recent bride, and knowing all the criticisms that you have to deal with when planning a wedding, I kept my opinion under wraps.  When we arrived at the venue we were given bottles of water, and large white umbrellas while we waited for the ceremony to start.

The pastor conduting the ceremony with his iPad

Everything was going great, I wasn’t too hot, the ceremony started on time.  But, please someone tell me why did the pastor used an iPad to conduct the ceremony? I have an iPad, I’m an #AppleFanGirl, Steve Jobs can do no wrong, life is better with a iPhone, but I have to draw the line at the pastor conducting a wedding ceremony with a iPad.  Just, No, No, No.  He couldn’t just read off of a notecard?  He had to be a showoff…*you fancy huh* 🙂 The main problem that I had with him using the iPad was that, had the iPad in one hand and the microphone in the other, and he was trying to do a balancing act (not good).  He looked uncomfortable 😦

Am I overreacting, what do you think yes or no to the pastor using an iPad for a wedding ceremony?

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A Few of My Favorite iPhone Apps for Newlyweds

17 Aug

I love my iPhone! I was in love with it way  before I met Dr. B.  When we met, lo and behold he had an iPhone too! *yeah*  So our love for the iPhone has grown two-fold in the past year.  Ok, that’s #AppleGirl crazy talk…but, I do love my iPhone.  I seriously cannot began to imagine my life without it, especially now that I’m a newlywed there a several essential applications that are a must:

1. Allrecipes.com:  I’ve been a member of the website since 2006, and I love the “recipebox” feature.  Now, they have the Dinner Spinner Pro application that syncs with your online recipe box.  From my research I’ve found that Allrecipes.com has one of the most comprehensive recipe databases on the Internet, which makes it easy to fins a quick recipe your new husband will love.

2. Zillow:   Zillow is a website where homeowners, buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and mortgage professionals can find and share vital information about homes, real estate, and mortgages.  It’s especially useful for newlyweds who are looking to buy a new house.  Given the state of the real estate market, there are so many properties available, that it can become an overwhelming process.  Zillow now has an iPhone application that is awesome!  Since Dr. B and I are selling our house, I’m always on the lookout for any potential competition.  With the Zillow app, I can literally ride down the street and the selling prices and comps for the surrounding houses appear on a map.  When you click on a particular house, if it’s for sale Zillow will give you details such as sq. footage, year built, listing price, etc.

3. Hilton:  If you and your new hubby travel, I highly recommend becoming a member of Hilton Honors. For each stay at a Hilton family property you can earn points towards free stays, upgrades, etc.  Dr. B and I are on the brink of becoming Gold VIP members, which will entitle us to free breakfast, free room upgrades, and free WiFi just to name a few of the benefits. The Hilton iPhone application allows you to make reservations under you Hilton Honors profile, view you account, and make reservation changes.  It’s fast, convenient and best of all, it’s free!

4. Yelp: Yes, I had to include Yelp on my list.  I love Yelp, as I attribute it to the success of my first date with Dr. B.  We used Yelp to find one of the best restaurants in St. Augustine…and the rest is history.  WIth Yelp you can discover restaurants that you and your spouse can enjoy together for the first time.  Yelp’s iPhone application integrates with Google Maps to give you turn-by-turn directions.  The user reviews are candid enough for you to make a good informed decision about which restaurant you and your loved one will eat at.

5. iMovie: Typical of most newlyweds, Dr. B and I like to capture those special occasions either with a picture or video.  iMovie allows you to make HD movies right on your phone using your pictures or videos you’ve captures on your iPhone.  You can then post your movie to the web to share with your friends and family.  Another great feature of iMovie is the ability to add music from your iPod collection to a movie (how cool is that?).

6. iPeriod: I’ve used iPeriod for about a year now, and it is by far my favorite application.  iPeriod  keeps track of your period dates, lengths, symptoms, and anything else that’s noteworthy. It will predict your future periods, alert you when your period is coming within the week, and alert you when it’s past due.  How handy is that?  I love knowing when my next 12 periods will occur, it helps when planning trips or special occasions.  I can also send Dr. B  a list of my next 12 periods right from the application, so he can update his personal calendar, and know ahead of time when my “crazy time” of the month is. 🙂

There it is, my “short” list of iPhone apps for newlyweds.  Do you have any smartphone apps that have helped you organize your newlywed life?  What apps can you Not live without?

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Dr. B’s Blog

27 Jun

Dr. B blogger extraodinaire

I effortlessly shamelessly find ways to gush about my first new hubby, and rightfully so he does of me. For example, take yesterday when we stopped at Publix to buy dinner (Publix deli fried chicken to be exact).  Going through the checkout line my hubby started chatting it up with the male cashier about how his wife, me (standing right next to him) was *blah blah blah* I don’t remember the exact words, but it left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling 🙂  That led to a five-minute conversation with the cashier about our Las Vegas wedding, etc…etc… I just love the way Dr. B is always talking me up.  Me thinks he must love me something super *wink wink*  So, I wasn’t at all surprised when he posted an article on his blog about decision to buy the new iPad and iPhone 4. Yes my name is Natasha and I’m an Apple addict.”  Besides for him putting me on blast about losing 2 iPhones in 6 months, he also linked to my blog in his post.  So right back at you Dr. B!  So go forth and check out my hubby’s blog.  Comment, subscribe and learn dear readers.

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