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How to Give Away a Wedding Dress?

24 Jun

I started reading A Practical Wedding (APW) when I first became engaged back in February.   For those of you who are engaged, would like to be engaged, in love, newlywed, married, or you like pure unadulterated writing about love life and marriage, then you should definitely read Meg’s blog. One of the things that I was awe-struck by was the fact that many of APW’s readers come back after getting married, and give their wedding dresses away to a lucky reader (How cool is that?).

I’ve been toying with the idea since purchasing , my second wedding dress back in April (click here to read my Wedding Dress Woes post). Before I started this blog I figured I would offer both of my dresses to APW, but now that I have my own blog, I want to offer them one of my readers But, I’m not sure how I should go about it. Should I have a contest, let readers vote, etc… Readers, I need help!  how should I give away my wedding dress to a reader of my blog?

Wedding dress #1 (never worn)

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