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Name Change “Non-Dilemma”

23 Jun

I'm official!

I am pleased to announce that the Social Security Administration is not a total and complete FAIL to the American people – more specifically American people like me who need to change their name.  Why? well… I am now the proud owner of  a new social security card that reads Natasha Baker Williams (no hyphen, but say my whole name. Like a pimp named Slickback – sorry if you don’t watch The Boondocks you won’t get the joke).  Ok anyway, to clarify what I just wrote…I received my SS card in the mail today.  Yep, it caught me by surprise too (remember Name Change Dilemma Part III?) especially since just I went  to the SS office last Tuesday, and submitted my paperwork for my name change.  To all you non-believers in the Obama Administration – yes I received my card in exactly 7 days – take that G.W. Bush 🙂

Back to being politically correct….So me and Dr. B ran up to the DMV with my new SS card to change my driver’s license.  We waited roughly 1.5 hours. I guess that’s not too bad, that Bernard worked on his laptop the entire time while I was reading about the McChrystal scandal on my CNN iPhone app (despite the no cell phone sign posted (take that SS office).  But, it’s done an I am now officially Natasha Baker Williams… I have to say it was such a memorable experience because Dr. B was very, very excited that I was officially become Mrs. Dr. B…it was too cute for words. I love that man!  Up next is my passport and our bank

My License (a nice pic if I must say so myself)

accounts…I’ll keep you posted.

Married readers who was more excited about the name change  you or your spouse?  I’d love to hear your stories.

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