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Christmas Cards Anyone?

8 Dec

Are or have you sent Christmas cards this year?  Yes, No, Maybe?   You still have time. I even shopped Etsy for you 🙂  Check out these crafty, humorous, and sentimental designs.

1. SimplyCBoutique  2. BethsCardCreations

1. RedLetterPaperCompany  2. PolarProject  3. ConcertinaPress

1. RBGColor  2. HenPenDesigns

My personal favorite is Rudolf in a Blizzard…too cute!!

Happy X-Mas card hunting,


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I Love the Way…

25 Aug

My beautiful bouquet!

I love fresh flowers, and Dr. B makes it his business to surprise me with some whenever he can.  Monday Dr. B came home from work with a bouquet of pretty flowers, and the most wonderfully-worded greeting card.  We had one of those weekends where we grew intimately closer together, and  this card spoke of our new found level intimacy in such a profound way.  So much so, I felt the need to share it:

I love the way you know me

and the things about me

that nobody else knows.

The way you can tell

when I’m upset

or want to talk,

before I even say

a word.

The way you know when to

let me go

or pull me close,

and how you make me laugh

when I fell like I’m

losing my mind.

I love the way you keep my secrets safe

and my dreams alive.

I love the way it feels

to be known,

and loved,

and accepted by you –

just as I am.

Have you even been given a greeting card, that said exactly what you wanted to say, what was the occasion?

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