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Are We Still Newlyweds?

5 Oct

What time frame constitutes being a newlywed? 1 year, 2 years, 1.5 years?   Dr. B and I have been married for 1 year and 5 months.  Are we till considered newlyweds…or is the honeymoon – over?  For whatever reason I’ve been thinking about how much longer we have before our Newlywed status runs out.  When it does, I will have to change the name of my blog.  Am I late already in that regard?  I’m not one to mislead readers, and hold faux claim to a title that I’m no longer eligible for.   When does one said couple transition from newlywed status to just being – married?


Parc Soleil Staycation

30 Aug

One of he best things about living in Orlando Florida is the abundance of  awesome resorts.

Chillaxin by the pool!

Coupled with beautiful weather, you can have a wonderful vacation without going out of town or spending tons of money.  Dr. B and I took a short staycation this weekend at the Parc Soleil by Hilton Grand Grand Vacations.  We used our Hilton Honors points for a free night, then we upgraded to a penthouse suite!

That's me, in the yellow testing the water

It was a wonderful, wonderful day!  I  felt like we were on our second honeymoon.  The property has 3 swimming pools, 4 jacuzzis, and a water slide and we took advantage of all of them.  We sat at the poolside restaurant all. Day. Long. and we swam, ate, and drank to our hearts content. The best part was spending time with my wonderful husband.  We were in our own world, acting silly, holding hands and smooching 🙂

Sunday Morning we slept in and lounged around on the balcony that had an awesome view of the city.  Then we checked out and had a nice, calorie-loaded breakfast at Perkins.  It felt great to let go, recharge, and spend quality time with my husband.

Were going to try and plan a short staycation every 2 to 3 months.  We think it’s important for couples to get away and spend some quality time doing nothing, but being with each other.

Mi amor!

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