Hurricane Irene: Vacation Crusher

22 Aug

The downside to living in Florida is Hurricane season. Dr. B and I planned on spending the upcoming weekend in Daytona Beach. We have some Hilton Honors points that we are trying to use before the year-end. But, oh no! Mrs. hurricane Irene said, No Bueno! Yo two are staying home this weekend 😦 I love, love, love Florida. But those damn hurricanes have a tendency to ruin the best made plans.

According to the National Weather Service Irene has already strengthened to a category 2 storm. If you’re not familiar with hurricanes: #1, you obviously don’t live in Florida, and #2 category 2 storms have a wind speed of 75 to 110 mph. Irene is projected to it category 3 (winds over 110 mph), and ride right up the coast of Florida.

One advantage to hurricanes in Florida over, say tornadoes in Kansas, is at least you have fair warning that a hurricane is coming. With a tornado there is little to no warning…except for a loud freakin noise that sounds like a train.

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