Damn UPS

24 Dec

Every year I say I’m not going to get stressed about the holidays, I’m going to chill and not get worked up over things that are out of my control. Of course that doesn’t happen and I end up stressing about one thing or another. This year it was package delivery.
I ordered several gifts from Amazon (I seriously LOVE Amazon.com). If I couldn’t shop anywhere else but Amazon for the rest of m life I would be perfectly fine with that. I would even order my groceries from them 🙂 Monday, Amazon like many other online retailers, began slashing the cost of overnight and 2 day shipping. So, I ordered a few extra gifts for my family, assured that I would recieve them by Wednesday, which was ideal because were leaving to go to Jacksonville today. One packed was delayed by a day 😦 I’m not mad at Amazon, they did their part, but I am totally pissed at the Boys in Brown. How are you going to mistakenly leave my package in a facility in Clearwater? Please tell me how does that happen? I religiously tracked that package from Phoenix, to Louisville, the Altamonte, which is 4 miles away from my house. How did the package end up 100 miles south of me? How? It was right in my backyward, and now it’s in a totally different city?

I never have these problems with FedEx – seriously. I love Fedex, they are right on time. I never have issues with them losing packages, and forgetting them in different cities. It just doesnt happen with Fedex. Now, I’ll have a package sitting on my doorstep for 4 days 😦 Uuugh, but what can I do now? Not much since were on the road now. I’m going to just enjoy Christmas with my family, and deal with it when I get back 🙂

Am I the only one with package handling problems? LOL!!


4 Responses to “Damn UPS”

  1. Happy Nappy Bride December 25, 2010 at 11:57 pm #

    My neighbor hates UPS too…always grumbling about it. We used Macy’s as our main registry, so we got lots of UPS deliveries and they were fine.

  2. MrsTDJ December 27, 2010 at 11:33 am #

    Ergh!! I share your love for Amazon and your disgust with UPS. I’ve had more trouble with them over the last two months that ever before. Hope you guys had a great holiday!

    • Newlyweds Guide Francesca December 28, 2010 at 7:50 pm #

      I’m sorry to hear about your UPS holiday blues. I hope it all worked out and you had a happy holiday. All the best in the new year!


  1. The Brown Man or the Orange Man? « Just Another Day with MrsTDJ - December 29, 2010

    […] been forced to do UP.S because of Ama.zon but all had been ok.  Until this package.  Ugh.  Well, Natasha the Newlywed had some UPS issues this holiday season too, which reminded me that I hadn’t told you guys […]

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