Ain’t Life Grand

15 Nov

I wasn’t going to blog today, because quite frankly I should be working on my research paper that’s due

Me, my sister and Dr. B at the Orlando Food and Wine Festival on Saturday

next week.  But, a txt conversation that I had with Dr. B about 30 minutes ago popped into my head. At the end of the txt he said, “ain’t life grand?” and I thought hell yes, life is grandiose!  I’m healthy, happy, surrounded by wonderful family and friends, and married to an awesome man!   There is soo much sadness, pain, and evil in the world that it’s easy to get caught up in the bad – what you don’t have, what you cannot afford, what ain’t right, etc.  Just look around, there are many people in this world enjoying life – casting away those life lists like Tiffany (a Formerly Unemployed Bride Becomes a Wife);  and like Cindy (Unrelated Side Note) who have the wisdom to take a tragedy and and find the silver lining.  Life is what you make it – Life is Grand! Enjoy!!

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One Response to “Ain’t Life Grand”

  1. Newlyweds Guide Francesca November 15, 2010 at 4:58 pm #

    You’re absolutely right. I know I sure have been letting the bad take over in my life lately. And I’d rather take note of the good and enjoy like you are doing. Great advice! Thanks!

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