Whirlwind Week

1 Nov

The past week and a half has been a whirldwind.  I received my new Macbook Air on Tuesday, and since I was without a laptop for two days, I to play catchup on my school work as soon as I received it.  Thursday the 28th was our 5 month anniversary!  🙂 I surprised Dr. B a short video commemorating the day!

In addition, on Thursday, I spent the day packing and getting ready for the Florida Georgia football game. (aka the “World’s Largest Cocktail Party“)  We were on a mission to do so serious tailgating, so that called for packing some serious equipment 🙂  Dr. B is now on a mission to buy a small RV for next year so, as he says, we can “tailgate in style”

*I have created a tailgating monster*

Dr. B cooking ribs and chicken at the tailgate

We both love the football tailgating atmosphere, everyone is having a good time, regardless of what team your rooting for.  I saw some crazy stuff, people are just so out of control.  If you take a big football rivalry and couple that with Halloween, folks tend get “creative” …in all sorts of ways.  But, it’s all in about having a good time.  When it was all said and done…the Gators won! But, it was a very, very, close game. We pulled it out by only a field goal…Go Gators!!

Lastly,  Dr. B brought my mom an iPhone.  While we were in Jacksonville he got her setup and showed her the basics of using the phone.  I can only say..he has created a monster.  Coming from someone who never sent a text message in her life, she got pretty darn good sending texts after a few hours. There is just so much you can do on the iPhone, that it’s almost impossible to show someone how to use it in a few hours.  But, I know my mom, she is going to continue to play around with and master it in no time.  Knowing her she probably start making Youtube videos and blogging 🙂

Today, is a day of rest for me.  No running, no school work, no nothing.  I’m trying to relax and recharge…or our next outing…The Orlando Food and Wine Festival!

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4 Responses to “Whirlwind Week”

  1. Cindy November 1, 2010 at 2:04 pm #

    Aw, you guys are too much! I love it! Thanks for this, I needed a little pick me up today.

  2. Newlyweds Guide Francesca November 8, 2010 at 2:04 pm #

    Tailgating and finding common interests is a wonderful way for couples to connect with one another and stay connected over time. I also think it’s great how your husband bought your mom a gift and took the time to show her how to use it. If only everyone got along so well with the in-laws! I hope your mom uses her iPhone in good health and enjoys it!

    • Natasha Williams November 9, 2010 at 10:33 am #

      It’s funny, because my husband was mildly interested in football before we met. Now he watches college and pro football games with me. Now, if I can only get into those video games that sometimes plays, he would love that, but I just have not interest at all 🙂

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