House Activity

15 Oct

Sooooooo we didn’t get an offer on the house, but it appears his foreclosure fiasco is working to our advantage. Folks that were in the process of buying a foreclosed property have to wait until the property is cleared by the bank and that can take weeks, so they are looking at non-foreclosure properties. The last two buyers were relocating to Florida and needed a house like yesterday, so were hoping we will get more of those types of buyers.

We have our third showing(in 5 days) tomorrow morning The first couple really loved the house, and even inquired about lowering the price. They told our agent that our house was number two on their favorites list. Apparently, the house that they chose had a mediterranean feel to it. Ok, I can’t get upset over that, our house is in no way shape or form mediterranean 😉

On a different note, were going to the Orlando Magic game tomorrow. I’m not a big Magic fan, but they are playing the Chicago Bulls in the brand spanking new Amway Arena!!! I’m dying to see it for myself. Last October I went to hear the VP of Marketing for the Magic speak, and he did a presentation on the new arena. It’s supposed to be twice as large as the old arena, and very high tech.

Plans, plans, plans…what do you have going on this weekend?

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One Response to “House Activity”

  1. Cindy October 15, 2010 at 8:06 pm #

    Our agent always said, “Let’s just get some bodies in there. The rest will happen on it’s own.”

    That’s great feedback, and awesome that you have another showing! Every day, I pray for you guys. The right buyer will come along and the timing will be perfect, no matter what. I just know it.

    This weekend, I’m running with a friend, we are having a couple of other friends over for a cookout, and Matt got us tickets to see Rob Zombie. I don’t really like his music but he has a hell of a production. That’s what ear plugs are for, right?

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