My Venus Week

4 Aug

The Birth of Venus.
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The past few years I realize my PMS is getting worse and worse.  What I mean by worse is more water retention, more irritability, more mood swings, reduced alcohol tolerance.  When I was single my PMS wasn’t an issue.  I would basically sequester myself for a week, and no one would get hurt 🙂  Now that I’m married, I realize that my PMS affects both me and Dr. B, by putting undue strain on our marriage.  So, a couple of weeks ago I went to the local library to find a few books on alternative medicine and remedies (I’m all about all natural, and organic alternatives for anything).  I came across a book called The Venus Week written by Rebecca Booth, M.D. The Venus Week focuses on managing your hormonal changes to your best advantage.

As women, we are all aware of our menstrual cycles, and the basic premise behind them.  The Venus Week, is that one point in a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle in which her hormones are all working in her favor, making her skin glow, her hair shine, her clothes fit better, and her libido kick into high gear.  Dr. Booth, an ob/gyn, says she came up with the term, named for the Roman goddess of love, to help each patient better understand the ebb and flow of her hormones and the effects those changes have on her mind, body, and spirit.

I used my iPhone app iPeriod to help me identify my Venus Week, and this week is my Venus week *pumps fist*.  I believe it’s because of my awareness that I can feel a difference, and I’m making more effort to capitalize on it.  I’m trying to connect more (mentally and physically) with Dr. B, and I’m working out harder since I have more energy. My challenge will be “extending” my Venus Week throughout my entire menstrual cycle.

I’m curious have you heard of the Venus week?  Have you noticed a time during the month that your on top of the world?

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4 Responses to “My Venus Week”

  1. Cindy August 4, 2010 at 12:20 pm #

    Reduced alcohol tolerance! I never thought that could be related to women-type things. We went out last night, I had 1 1/2 pints, two glasses of water, and dinner, and woke up this morning feeling like UGH!

  2. Tiffany In Houston August 5, 2010 at 5:15 pm #

    I am very fortunate that I have a short Venus week but I am definitely starting to be more in tune to it and he is picking up on it too. He was telling me the other day, isn’t it time for your period to be starting..LOL!!

    • natashawilliams August 6, 2010 at 12:35 pm #

      Bernard has definitely tuned into my cycle. After several “difficult” pms episodes he became more aware of that time of the month.

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