The Runaway Wife

6 Jul

My Shoes!

I’m a runner.

I ran track in junior high and high school. But, then I stopped running.  I started distance running in 2001, that was the year that my father passed away.

I remember that year very vividly.  I was visiting my best friend in Port St. Lucie and she asked me to join her for a walk around her apartment complex. I enjoyed the walk so much, that I vowed to continue the routine when I returned home.  One thing led to another, and soon I was running instead of walking.  I loved the feeling of strength an control that I felt when I ran.  I loved how powerful my body looked and felt.  I enjoyed the “running high” that accompanied every run, it’s was an awesome feeling.

That was the beginning, this is now.

As I’ve gotten older, running has grown to mean so much more to me than a runners high.  It’s a stress reliever, a mind clearer, weight reducer, my “me time”, and one of the things in my life I have complete control over (I think I have a Type A personality).  I pray at the beginning of every run.  It’s the part my day dedicated solely to God. When I’m sad I run until I’m happy.  When I’m confused, I run until I have the answer.  When I’m feeling anxious I run until I’m calm.  When I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, I run until I feel right side up 🙂  I even ran two miles the morning of my wedding.  I run before every big event in my life.

Everyone that knows me, knows that I’m a runner.  I’m not competitive.  I’ve only entered one race, the Gate River Run, which is a 15k or 10 miles.  It was honestly a very good experience, but I still don’t have a desire to race.  I’m in love with the individuality of running, and the feeling of accomplishment that I get.  When I run, I am the captain of my ship.  As sailing vessels go, some days I sail far, long and effortlessly; and other days I sail out and back, and every step is a test of wills.  But, still I run…

Where I’ve run.

Every single place that I visit, I make it a mission to run.  It’s a wonderful way to learn a city, and get a feel for your surroundings.  I’ve run in New York, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Tampa, Savannah, St. Louis, and Ft. Lauderdale, and Charleston, just to name a few.  Dr. B and  plan on visiting every state in the Us, and I plan on running in every one of them.

Me and Dr.B after a run

Number of Miles in a typical Run.

For the past 5 months I’ve averaged 4.5 miles a day, 6 days a week.  That’s anywhere between 25-30 miles a week.  There have been times where I averaged 8 miles a day and ran 40-50 miles a week. Those where the times I didn’t have a boyfriend, or much of a life for that matter 🙂

Running on treadmills.

I don’t like running on treadmills.  I don’t get the same results on a treadmill compared to running outside(taking into account head winds, and changes in terrain).  Treadmills have the added advantage of simulated hills and speed adjustment, but for me they still pale in comparison to running outdoors.

What I wear.

By far Nike makes the best women’s running shorts and tops.  But as far as shoes – I only run in Adidas Supernova Control.  I have a flat foot and I overpronate(bad combination) so they control my pronation and protect my knees.  I try to rotate wearing  2 to 3 pairs of shoes a week.  The months before I met Dr. B, I was rotating 5 pairs of shoes a week(talk about no life).


I have no desire to run one 🙂


At first I ran with a armband radio(remember those), then I became gadget savvy and purchased an mp3 player.  Then one day while out running my battery died on my MP3 player, and I had to run without music.  I actually enjoyed running without music.  The silence helped me concentrate on my running.   For my wedding gift Dr. B brought me the Nike Plus which tracks my runs through a device attached to my shoes.  The Nike Plus then syncs with my iPhone.  It also ties into the iPhone’s  iPod, so I run to a ‘Running Mix’ I created.  It feels different.  I feel heavier running with a phone attached to my hip, but I like the Nike Plus’ ability to automatically track my runs, compared to me manually tracking them.


Some day jumping on the scale in the morning is motivation enough to get out there and run (obviously I’m vain).  Other days, it’s not enough, but still I run…  🙂

Dogs and Cars.

I’ve only been chased by a couple of dogs, but  I learned (with the quickness) that if you charge back at them they run off.  Most dogs I encounter want to play with me, so they run beside or behind me.  One time I realized I was being followed by a car(it was 5 am).  Luckily I was in an area near a gas station and I ran there an hung out until I felt safe.  I read somewhere that it’s safer to run in the morning than in the evening, which works for me because I’m a morning person.  When I worked, I would get up between 5 and 5:30 and run (I know your giving me the side-eye for that one).

Running with Dr. B.

Dr. B  prefers the elliptical (he’s old and his knees leave a trail of dust when he runs  *Just kidding honey*  We run together one day a week on Saturdays.   When he isn’t in the mood to run we hit the bike trials, and he bikes and I run behind him in his dust.  I do enjoy running with my hubby.  I believe it brings us closer in a way that not many activities can do(who else will be attracted to me after seeing me sweat for like a man).

What physical activities do you do on a regular basis, how did you start?  Do you work out with your spouse?  The floor is yours…

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2 Responses to “The Runaway Wife”

  1. Tiffany In Houston July 7, 2010 at 4:39 pm #

    Really good tips here. I am not going to push myself to lose weight before the wedding, that’s just too much pressure but I really want to lose some after wards and before we start trying for kids…which will be in the near term due to my age.

    • natashawilliams July 8, 2010 at 10:59 am #

      Tiffany, I agree. I wouldn’t pressure myself to lose weight just for the wedding. It’s better to make a lifestyle changes that incorporates fitness and nutrition for both you and your husband 🙂

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