What’s So Bad About Marriage?

25 Jun

Image credit: CNN

I was skimming through CNN‘s Living Section when I came across the article, “15 Women and Why They Said No to Marriage.” Being a newlywed I was drawn to the article. Obviously my opinion of marriage is biased. Although it took 35 years, I always knew there was someone out there for me. When I finally did meet The One, I knew it. The relationship felt different, smelled different, and tasted different 🙂 Marriage was a natural progression in our relationship. For some it takes years, for us it took months (10 to be exact). So, as I read through those 15 women’s reasons, I couldn’t help but, wonder…”what’s so bad about marriage?” Did I miss the memo? Was I supposed to not want to marry Dr. B? Was I the odd woman out?

As you read through the readers comments, they are equally mixed with pro and con marriage comments, from both men and women. Here is what I said:

I don’t understand the reason for this article. Is it a platform for women to vent? What about including 15 women who chose to say yeas marriage? What’s so wrong with marriage? I’m 36 and recently married the love of my life. And even at that ripe old age I wasn’t desperate and neither was he. For us married was a natural progression in our relationship. We both knew each other was the one. We lived together for 8 months, got engaged and, then got married after a 3 month engagement. It was simply two adults in love, and committed to each other for the rest our lives. The decision to marry didn’t cause any trauma, drama, or dilemma.

The wedding ceremony is a celebration – an outward sign to the world that you love each other and are committed to each other. I don’t see what’s so wrong with that. I believe when we find The One, all the excuses that we use as for why we don’t want to get married go away (they don’t even put up a fight).

Furthermore, I believe that if you really truly love that person, then it’s not about a piece of paper. But, it is about legally protecting your loved one in case something does happen to him or her(unless your lucky enough to live in common law marriage state). Wouldn’t you want to make sure your loved one is taken care of? Why leave it up to the court to question the validity of your relationship (I’m just saying…). The world recognizes the sanctity of marriage. Look at the tax breaks, and the credit benefits of marriage.

If living together is as good as being married, then why are same-sex couples trying their hardest to be legally recognized as partners for life(I’m just saying…).

So, dear readers help me understand this new “anti-marriage” mindset…the floor is yours.

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