Name Change Dilemma: Part II

14 Jun

Dr. B and I spent over an hour trying to figure out how to start the process of changing my name.  After several Google searches, we found that it all begins with the Social Security Administration, since that government agency needs your correct name and ID number for payroll tax withholdings and retirement benefits.  Also, a new Social Security card with your new name can make things easier as you move down the name-change list. So tomorrow I will head out to he local Lake Mary office to apply for my new card.   After 10 to 14 days I will receive my new card, then I can go to the DMV and the passport office.  From there I can go about changing my bank account and other smaller accounts. I couldn’t believe it was so hard to find this basic information.  I guess that’s why there are several companies such as, that sell name change kits for $29.95.  Even after the charade Dr. B and I went through, I don’t believe those kits are worthwhile.  Most of the government agencies provide name change forms and will complete the process for free.  There is no need for a notification letter, which is basically what the a name change kit provides.  They are really just taking advantage of the initial confusion surrounding  of the process.

So, if all goes well, in about a month (fingers crossed), I should “officially” Natasha Baker Williams…wish me luck.  Married ladies, I would love to hear your name change horror stories!

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