Reception Hustle and Flow

11 Jun

Reception Hustle and Flow

Dr. B and I were married on 5-28-10 in a small intimate ceremony in Fabulous Las Vegas, NV. It was a beautiful, awesome, chic, magazine worthy, wedding – if I must say so myself( see pictures here, here, and here). Despite all of our wedding’s fabulosity we still want to celebrate or union with family and friends that could not join us in Vegas. So, were having our official wedding reception on June 19th.  The reception will have a Caribbean Island flavor to it, with an authentic steel island drum player and Caribbean food.  Our goal is to going to bring the island flavor to Apopka, FL!

So with only 9 days left, all I can say is, “it’s hard out here for a bride, when your reception is in week and a half!” No for real. I’m running around like a bat out of hell trying to get ready. I mean. Really. I was kinda, sorta ready. I started planning and preparing for a reception for 50 people. But, you know how that ball always rolls, 50 turns into 100 after your parents get their hands on the guest list. So, here we are, Dr. B and I, with a guest list of over 122 people. I’m hoping and praying that only 60-70 show up. No. Really. Any more than that, and this reception will be on a Whole. Nother. Level 🙂

Ok, I’m a liar. I really do hope everyone shows for the reception, we have worked hard as a couple to plan this partay! Yes, please come and eat up our conch fritters, and drink our mojitos –   I want everyone to share this special day with us.  I’m very much looking forward to the reception.   It will be like a family reunion for both Dr. B and I.  Or as my mom said last week, “Wow there are so many people coming we should have reserved a whole floor of rooms at the Holiday Inn” – say what? (looong sigh) gotta love my mom.

I have to ask who has tried to plan a small wedding, but despite your best efforts your guest list ballooned out of control, and what did you do to keep your sanity?  I need as many tips and tricks as I can read!

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