From Miss. to Mrs: A Name Change Dilemma

10 Jun

Clark County Marriage License Office

On Monday Bernard ordered our marriage certificate from the Clark County Clerk of Courts.  Once received, I can go about the business of officially changing my name, ie. passport, driver’s license, bank accounts, etc…  Up until  a month ago, I didn’t think twice about changing my last name.  But then I read these posts, On Name Changing and Weddings Part I and Part II, over on  the A Practical Wedding (APW) blog, and I suddenly had a slight dilemma – did I really want to change my name?   I’m not a big fan of hyphenating (no offense to women who have hyphenated their names), but I do love being a Baker.  And I didn’t want to lose that part of me.

I’ve been Natasha M. Baker for 36 years.  I really like my name, and to have to stop on a dime and  change it, is honestly, a bit scary.  Somewhat akin to leaving a piece of yourself behind.  But, at the same time, I am somewhat of a traditionalist and I do believe in the woman changing your name after marriage.  For me it shows respect for my husband and for the institution of marriage.  One of the readers on APW commented that she did not feel that she was “changing” her name but adding to it….adding her husband to herself.  That is when I had my ah ha moment.  I not leaving behind the 36 years of Natasha M. Baker, but I am adding a fabulously wonderful, caring and loving man to my life.  As the bible says, “and the two become one.”  I discussed this with Dr. B and he totally understood my feelings.  He would love for me to take his name, but he will also support me in whatever I decide to do.  So, I without a doubt am taking Dr. B’s last name, but I am dropping my middle name and changing it to Baker.  So my new name will be Natasha Baker Williams- sans the hyphen.  Keeping my last name as my middle name is a slight modification, but one that just works for me and my husband, and that’s really all that matters.

So I ask, what’s your take on the name change options for women?

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